Hydroponics in 1/2 acre, is it feasible?

Hello all,
I am new to this forum and very impressed with the content and tech savy modern farmers.:slight_smile:

Just small introduction about me. I am from pune and a Mechanical engineer, working in a software industry.

Recently I have been thinking to start some buisness and work for myself instead of sitting in office for 12hrs and doing hardwork for somebody else. To back up this i got a idea of utilising a small land which we had purchased very near to pune and it is around 16 gunthas (nearly 1/2 acre).

I am very impressed with the Atul Kalaskar’s post on hydrophonic though I dont know anything about farming.
I can see good future for this concept.
Can i do hydrophonic in above said land? Can we grow herbal plants in hydrophonic? How much will be the cost for the setup and operation?

In near future if i can earn around 12lakhs per anum, it can be a full time job option for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Do it because you love farming, not with an idea that it is for money


Thanks Shiv for your reply. Yes agree with you. But in city like Pune where autowala charges you Rs200 for just 4 kms, giving up job and doing farming just for liking will be difficult for survival. Rather we should have systematic and result oriented approach which in turn will help us for survival as well.

Any inputs on my query??


Farming takes a long time to make money and especially in India where costs are high and returns are low, you should stick to what you know.


Very true said, Autowalas are doing this goondagiri in Pune charging a huge amount…especially at hinjewadi near IT parks…

Hi Avi,

Hydroponic as a technology  is cool thing. But you need to look at the economics. The input costs are significantly higher compared to conventional farming.  It can make money provided either you have larger farm that grows many things simultaneously. Single crop in small farm may not be sustainable.

I have met a small farmer who earns around 6 Lac/year from his 28 gunta farm near Pune. His key to success is growing multiple crops simultaneously AND producing only what sells in the market for good price.

Good luck.