Hydroponics fodder machine for commercial dairy business

Hi friends,

I have not much agri land so enquiry for hydroponic machine cost & function…

I am from Gujarat, So contact local mfg. in ahmedabad.

i Got price as below :

150 T / DAY : 6 Lacks

500 T / DAY : 14 Lacks

900 T / DAY : 19 Lacks.

Share your views & prices of other company…

Better to buy maize from outside and make silage. Outsource your fodder to other farmers. If you dont have maize growers there, then you can go for hydrofodder machine.

Good luck.


As I am understanding that make a silage from maize grass…right…

But due to less land & more cattle’s not possible depend on that…

Latest hydroponics system which not  prefer by u?

there are plenty of paddy field laying un used and they can not be converted to commercial or residential purpose. why can not be think to hire such land to cultivate fodders, it would cost us cheaper and viable rather than hydronups. Please note that all ceral prices maize or bajari or any thig is going to increase 20% every year.  India at present now allow non gmo seeds, However american company of seed has already started to market hybrid seed of MAIZE which can yeild 5000Kgs Maize/acere instead of at present yeild of 2.5 mts.

So it would be better hire empty paddy land and cultivate fodder. in coming days hydronipys is going to costly due to high seed price. U take price charts of any pulses or cerals all are scaling up.

Dear rmathewsin…

Good idea… we can do…

Give me some more like which grass suitable for this…

I have here some lands where in rain season full of water …

dear birj,

in which area you have land pls .

the idea I have shared as a common point and what I intend to do in diary farm instead of hydroponic. In kerala near to our native we have plenty of un used paddy field which is the cheapest option to grow, silage green fodder.  Please note even in feed industry major consolidation happening. All small players will be out from the market and only MNCs or big companies who will control the feed cost. So better we have long term vision to produce own feeds for any of cattle or poultry to achieve optimum results,.

rajan mathew


In Kerala if you can manage to get unused paddy lands on lease, nothing like it. It will be a very cheap option. Try growing CO3, CO4 there. Sell milk directly to end users to get maximum price of something near to Rs.40/- per liter. Fresh milk has got demand everywhere. Once people come to know about quality, automatically demand will increase. One acre will be enough for 8 cows, round the year feeding fodder. Try to use other cakes and make your own mix with Cotton seed cake, Ground nut cake, Coconut cake, Gingelly cake alongwith calcium and Mineral supplementation. Give enough water for cows. Have some provision like water bowls to store water in front of cows 24 hours a day, use water bowls if possible. Dairying coupled with organic manure production which has got good demand in villages where vegetable cultivation is there, or Vermin composting using earthworms will fetch you more money coupled with dairying activity. Keep in touch.

Murali Krishnan 

Hi friends…

In this last few days … i inquired mfg of hydroponics machine.

Many of them give me quotation with installation & commissioning,

Before to buy as always prefer to get suggestion & view from this forum…

Green tech - 500 Ton 14 lacks.

United fodd. - 500 Ton 12.5 lcks

Emmar        - 500 Ton 12 lacks…

Pls share your views… this is very very imp for me as i am going to start dairy farm…

My planning for for 20 cows / Buffelos.


I am also starting a farm . Can you send me all the quotations you have received for  Hydroponic Fodder Production Machine of different capacities to me by email .
My email id is :  manavendrajayapal@yahoo.com

Manavendra Jayapal