Hydroponic Training

Hi All,

I am new to the community and glad that lot of topics of agriculture discussed.

I am a small farmer in Coimbatore, where I am spreading the watershed management and rain water harvesting as a social thought to the people across.

Where, I understood the recent drought have been killing most of the trees, wells, borewells - I see a necessity to reduce water consumption on smart farming.

While looking at the data - We are almost spending 60 -70 % of total water consumed are for Agri related in India.
By overspending the water and with no planning of cultivation based on the availability and seasons - We have very high depletion in water level.

Hence, I assume Hydrponics “could” be a model which “may” fellow farmers to grow more from less land and less water - But the cost is tooo much as per my knowledge - Please correct me.

I have learned from other posts that most of the Hydroponics training is not well executed and fortunately I did not pay the training supposed to be done by today.

Now, I request for right place or platform to learn Hydroponics.

I am planning for a very small “MODEL” hydroponic farm to try different things - It is a net covered 30x30 area planned for lettuce and tomato to start with.

Looking for your advises.


Coimbatore is known for hydrponics. Guys say its aerophonics etc all the blah blah

But if you get trained in hydrophonics you need to understand basic farming and few
chemistry of soils and plants and water

rest is easy

growing plants without soil is hydrophonics whatever name it is called. Horticulture dept gives 50% subsidy on the amount spent. But the scale of finance as per Nabard is 75 lacs per acre

the coimbatore guy charges 1.20 crs per acre and the chennai guy charges 75 lacs. But if you plan properly it costs only around 25 lacs rest these guys loot you.

You can take a bank loan of Rs 25 lacs and the balance 12.50 will be subsidy amount its enough you repay only 12.50 lacs

in coimbatore you have wonderful opp to grow fruits and vegatbles under green house

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Its nice you are looking into alternative farming methods. It is very necessary for our current scenario. However I urge you to have a look at Aquaponics which is almost similar but much easier to manage.

Rural people need not be bothered by the chemical composition of the water and the PH values associated with it. Furthermore you are inducing chemicals to balance the ph values in hydroponics but aquaponics is a complete organic and natural method.

Do let me know if you need further help

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nce to read the details is it possible to give some more details please

thanking you

yagna narayana

Hi Nitin,
Thanks for sharing.
I believe that for every work training and knowledge is must so can you tell me who provide training for the same including hydroponic farming.

HI Folks,
another Hydroponics Workshop is being organised by Aggragannya in Bengaluru. do check - https://10times.com/hydroponics-workshop