Hydroponic Strawberry Cultivation

Hi Guys,

Please view this youtube presentation.


This is probably India’s first Hydroponic Strawberry Project and I am now taking it commercial.

Let’s see how you guys feel about it.

Hi atulkalaskar,

Amazing to see you on the video explaining hydroponics for strawberry!

Why don’t you write an article on practical hydroponics in India - the economics, suitable crops, materials etc. - it should help a lot of farmers!

Thanks for posting the video and keep us posted on your commercial endeavour!

I have seen the video. Please let me know what will be the cost to grow strawberry in a 500 sq meter area.

this is awesome, I have been researching about hydroponics for quite few months now. Sir do you use fertilizers imported from abroad or make your own nutrients using high grade chemicals & hydroponic calc?
And whether i could come to Talegon to learn & understand more?  ;D

Thanks indeed guys for responding. You can view my current color capsicum project at facebook.com/album.php?aid=2 … 7f885a3ef4

We are launching commercial Strawberry production using hydroponics in August 2011. I am really keen on taking this technology further and thus we are adopting a franchisee model whereby we hope to see many individual growers all across the country growing various crops using Hydroponics. They will sell this produce under a national brand name and this will unite the growers with technology and common brand but allow them to be a grower par excellence. I can also be reached on my e-mail atulkalaskar@yahoo.com if you have any specific questions or concerns.


Atul Kalaskar

Very nice work, but the commentary in Marathi language we could not understand it properly.
Very first the Hydroponics is the subject of interest of many people like farmers as well as hobby growers. But nobody has proper technical knowledge. I am very much interested in taking up this project franchisee. Please inform me when you are going to start the Franchisee Model?
Have you worked out economy statements? Please provide us to enhance my interest.


Dear Atul Kalaskar,

Thumbs up to your effort for utilising Hydophonics techniques for the strawberry. Wishing you all the best for your successful commercial launch. I take opportunity of Agriculture Forum to introduce to you a unique concept product which is regularly used in the European countries for many years for increasing Freshness and self life of the fresh produce.

Fresh fruits and vegetables can carry surface flora of microorganisms consisting of harmless soil organisms, fungal spores and yeasts as well as potential pathogens. Superficial washing commonly is used to remove these contaminants. Often, minimally processed fruits and vegetables are transported via flumes through processing plants. Because of these numerous exposures to water, the potential for microbial cross contamination is high.

Effective microbial control will result in less bacterial and microbial contamination, and a cleaner product, with excellent shelf life, freshness and no chloro-organic residues.

Typically, in the preparation of fresh produce, a 5ppm available Anthium Dioxcide dose added to rinse water, followed by a final potable water rinse, will reduce the total microbial loading by a factor of 102 or a 2 log reduction. As a result, the shelf life of the produce can be extended by several days.

Anthium Dioxcide is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, USA-EPA, EU, Codex Alimentarious and more.

I hope these type of advanced technology products, with required international certifications, will help in larger commercial operations to give improved shelf life, freshness,  maintaining better taste and presentation to the fresh produce.

Please feel free to contact us for any further informations.

With Regards
Hiren Pancholi (hirpan@yahoo.com)
Anthium Dioxcide USP.doc (67 KB)

Could you provid emore info on your franchise offer on hydroponic strawberry.Iam based  in Gujarat and would it be possible to grow strawberries here.


Dear Mr. Atul,

I would  like to visit your strawberry farm. Can you give permission to  enter farm? yes let me know

your address phone number etc… 

Thank you
Good luck

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