Hydroponic fodder machine - anyone has experience?

I need help from any farmer who have experience in hydroponic fodder machine to inform me if the machine is good for my farm.
Please provide me with some company which have good hydroponic fodder machine with long life and good quality. Which capacity of machine do i need. i found on internet this company but i don’t know what are theirs quality. Also i found hydroponic fodder machines from China which are in half price comparing with Indian companies and Turkey companies?
Please i need help and answers for my questions.

Thanks in advance.

  my brother visited Nagpur agro fare recently and he came across a fodder machine from a Nagpur based company .
I have attached PDF for the same . Please check if it helps .

Disclaimer : I dont have any experience  nor recommending  this machine .


PS : Not able to upload pdf since its more than 4MB, pls PM me your email id will send it.

Thank You bro.

My email ID is: iduzzz@gmail.com

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I have plans to start farm business. In my first start i will have 50-60 meat cows ( not for milk ). Can anyone explain me can i feed my cows only with green grass produced by hydroponic fodder machine. The green grass which i want to produce is from barley and maize.
Please can anyone who have experience with hydroponic machine can explain me how is going his farm business with hydroponic fodder machine?

Thanks in advance.

Ok, I suspect iduzz is not from India and won’t make out much from the Marathi brochure  :sunglasses:

No im not from India, but i find this forum on internet and i hope that somebody will help me to answer my question…

Hi iduzzz,
    I will try to convert the content in to English and post it . It will give you idea about this fodder machine .


Hi Iduzzz
My name is Barry and I run a company in France which specialises in hydroponic fodder systems for livestock. We do not recommend that you use only hydroponic fodder to feed your cows, it is best used with hay/straw and possibly a mixture of supplements. Barley fodder is one of the finest nutritional foods that you can give to your livestock but one type of feed is never the best solution. We recommend a mixed diet.
We can give you lots more information if you can contact us through our website: premiumfodder.com
Kind regards

you can find even very sucessfull,user friendly fodder machines from fodder solutions of Australian company, who is selling machines in almost 15 countries all over the world. you can find by clicking on www.foddersolutions.com.

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I know Fodder Solutions well. There are some problems with their mobile units. You have to open the units to sow and harvest the fodder, thereby losing all of the climatic conditions, which I imagine is not good for the growing fodder. I am also not sure how they deal with the historic problem of mould and mildew in a commercial situation without an inhibitor?