Hydro Cyclone Filter

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I am having a Bore well with Drip System in my Farm Nr. Hyderabad.  I am facing Problem of Jamming of Drip Filter frequently need to clean once in 3-4 Days. I heard that Hydro Cyclone Filter will work effectively for removing the silt and sand Particles  in avoiding clogging of Drip systems. I am requesting our Brothers to kindly enlighten us the working of this system and its cost/availability etc.

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Dear Mr.Manne,

Most of the commonly available hydroclone filters effectively filter dirt load only when dirt is more than 75 microns and also would not remove organic sediments as they are lighter in density than water, leading to clog.

What I would recommend is selecting an automatic filter that can handle lower micron dirt, flush automatically as well. Also, another advantage in automatic filter is that pressure usage would be less when compared to conventional filters.

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Dear Mr.Manne,

Netafim India seems to be having automatic filters. Please contact them to get the spec’s and also the pricing.

For dealer network hope this link helps; netafimindia.com/dealers-location.php

You could also check with John Deere and Jain as well.