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Hello All,

We (me + friend) recently (a year ago) purchased a farm land of 12 Acres (9+3) near Sanga Reddy, Hyderabad.

As we are very new to farming would like to meet and discuss with farmers from this forum in and around Hyderbad.

  1. We have not utilized the land since its purchase and land of non-utilized an year before our purchase.
  2. Its a semi-wet land adjacent to a village pond and ground water levels seems good.
  3. currently we have a bore-well with 2-inch flow.

We want to do Natural Farming if not all but starting with a small amount of land ~ 2 Acres to begin with.

Any inputs pointers are highly appreciated.

we can also be reachable at Facebook group : Hyderabad Farming and Aggriculture

Please help us to get kick started.

So what kinda crops you want to grow… The major crops in India can be divided into four categories viz. Food grains (Rice, Wheat, Maize, Millets and Pulses), Cash Crops (Cotton, Jute, Sugarcane, Tobacco, and Oilseeds), Plantation Crops (Tea, Coffee, Coconut and, Rubber) and Horticulture crops such as Fruits and Vegetables. On the basis of seasons, the crops in India have been divided into Rabi, Kharif and Zaid crops.

we haven’t planned holistically for the whole land yet.

but as a starters we want to have some paddy, some vegetables at least  to a self sufficiency.

based on our experiences and water availability spread the crops accordingly.


Congratulations prakashparvath on the first step.
I’m sure forum members should be able to guide you - if you have any plans at broader level, say vegetable farming, etc.

Plan well and start the design of the farm before venturing into long term crops as you may not be able to shift them later.

Initially, you can go with Vegetable Farming in a small area of 1/2 acre and paddy in another 1/2 acre as both of them are short term crops.  You will get a feel and also adjust later accordingly.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Hi Prakash,
I am from hyd. working as s/w professional but i am from farming childhood and more interest into farming…if possible pls share u r contact and u can reach me on 9962777616.


I think it would be better we have a get to gather some where in some ones who is experienced and running farming land to gain the insights
like a meet i see frequently happens in Bangalore to share the thoughts and guide the newbies … even am planning to venture out in some time.


As per my experience start live fence before doing any (Gacchakaya or any torn fence), you can start this in June or july so coming years it will be very useful to control from Pigs or monkeys etc.

Hello Friends and shravankodam, please plan for get together/meet in hyderabad, its good for everyone. We can share/get lots of information from exp. peoples. @ shravankodam, please take initiation and inform to our guys.


Hi Friends this is Aravind,

Newbie to this forum and also agriculture. I am planning to setup Polyhouse in a farm land of 2 acres I have purchased near Sangareddy recently.

I have seen few posts related to cultivating Malabar neem, Integrated farming, growing vegetable etc

@Prakash I think we would be neighbors, lets get together may be this month or next month so we can exchange ideas and thoughts

Lets be touch here guys



Doing non chemical farming near Hyd for last 3 years now…we stopped using fertilizers 5 years back and since jan 2013 no pesticides either. Name of our farm is Aiyor Bai. You can find the page of the farm on FB.

Redesigning the farm from a Mango Orchard which parents put 20 years back to a multi fruit orchard and also growing millets (Jowar and Bajr - Jonna and Sajja)

Lot of work goes into getting a farm started…i would say first fix your boundaries and start working towards planning the fence. Bring in loads of diversity of trees to build an ecosystem. Leave a portion for reforestation as that will get birds into the farm…also nitrogen fixing trees. And first try and get your kitchen garden going…sow things you would use for home one by one.

If a meeting time is set happy to meet.

Hi Madhu,
Thanks for your information. If possible please tell us your farm address, so that we can visit your farm and please write your contact number as well.


Please write to me at mreddy10@gmail.com to come visit. Others here had asked too…perhaps a combined visit so that it works better for me.

I don’t leave my number on public forums sorry.


Hi Friends I am Sushil from hyderabad. Please count me as well for the get together. Definitely it will be good for all.


Hi ,
please consider me also for the meet

Hi friends,
am also interested to site visit and planning to start farming soon


Hi Friends,  I too suggested a members’ meet and farm visit in another thread.  Please count me also. 

Request farm owners to give details and location of their farms and date and  time convenient for them so that we all can decide on a mutual date and farms to visit and other things. 

BVR Kumar. (9989090026)(kumarbachu@gmail.com)

Hi Friends,

I am also interested in Natural farming. Is the plan to visit Mr Madu’s Farm materialized. I would also like to join the meet.

Suresh Vuppala

Hi Team,

can we plan a get to gather some time this month. interested people can share you mobile numbers here. my number is 9902959810.

Hi Rayudu,

I am interested for the meet, my number is 9849778007.