Hybrid chilli- f1- crop production - precision farming

Precision farming technology uses innovative method of cultivation in vegetable production…
The importance in this precision farming technology lay in precise use of costly inputs and minimise the wastage and increase the productivity …
The precision farming involves use of  drip irrigation for delivering irrigation water as well as water soluble fertilizers and even pesticides precisely to the plants roots thus increasing water and fertilizer use efficiency
And use of  plastic mulching sheet to conserve soil moisture , arrest weeds growth and also prevent the loss of plant nutrients from the  soil surface that are exposed to open atmosphere
To ensure highest possible production , the precision farming tech needs the soil to be kept rich in organic carbon , fine tilth, break sub soil hard layer , soil fortification with basal application of 80 % of recommended phosphate fertilizers and bio fertilizers and bio pesticides …The seedlings are produced in shadenet using protrays. The split application of water soluble fertilizers and micro nutrients , plant hormone at appropriate time  through various growth stages at required dose certainly enhance  inputs use efficiency and higher production…
The chillies are planted in paired row at the spacing of 0.9M * 0.6 M* 0.45 M
The drip lateral is laid at the interval of 1.5 M that provides 2666 running meter per acre ( 4000 sq m/ 1.5 M ) and single row @ the  plant to plant spacing of 0.45 M makes 5925 plants and in paired row makes 11851 plants per acre
At the yield of 1.0 kg per plant , an acre of hybrid chillies like NS-1701 and US 611 and US612 produce around 12,000 kgs of green chillies
At the selling price of Rs.50 / kg , 12,000 kgs of green chillies can bring Rs.6,00,000 in about 5 months duration