Humid Acid - any practical experience

Hello Every one,

Did any one try/apply - Humid acid in your fields.

Can some one please comment on this product.

Details attached.


humic_acid_pamphlet.pdf (188 KB)

I have used humic acid +amino acid+fulvic acid based formulation, seller explained a  miracle, till to day I am waiting for that miracle.

It may increase your yield about 5% but don’t expect a miracle.

Dear Sri Venu,

I am using Humic acid for all most all crops, for increasing the roots healthyness. Immediately after plantation, once in 15 days in the first 3 months and once in a month till the end of the crop. We do soil drenching by diluting 1 ltr in 200 ltrs water, and or giving 2 ltrs per acre through ventury, drips.

We are using either Humigro of Karapur industries, goa, an organic humic acid, and/or Keradex, an inorganic formulation. Results of Humigro, (both grannuels and liquid formulations ) are good, but expensive.

with best wishes,  g.p.rao,    farmer

Thank you G.P.Rao sir and Sri sir,

G.P.Rao sir,

Can you please tell me the price you have paid for a liter of the humid acid.

any contacts near Hyderabad if possible.

I would like to try once.

thanks you

Venu Kulkarni

Dear Sri Venu,

you can contact sri ramesh of Karapur ( humigro ) on 09916440687 and can contact any pesticide/fertiliser  dealer, for Keradex.

with best wishes,  g.p.rao,    farmer

Dear Sirs,

Is there a way that we can produce organic humic acid by ourselves? Please educate about what humic acid contains which has positive effect on plants.
Similarly kindly educate about the positive effects of Amino acid, Fulvic acid and how it can or an equivalent be produced locally.

Guru Prasad

I have no idea of humic acid and fulvic acid but you can produce amino acid from Fish it is popularly known as Fish Amino Acid FAA and you can use golden back snails also for this.
Procedure: Collect fish left overs from fish vendor(head,tails,fins are thrown) you can use whole fish also. Mix with equal amount of black jaggery or molasses or brown sugar.  put it in an air tight container. Due to osmotic pressure after 1 month it becomes like used engine oil. for 15 days dont open after that open every day stirr and close it again. Care must be taken not to mix water in this. use 5% mixture to spray any crops. This rich source of nitrogen.

Dear Sri Venu

Another alternative may be to use humic acid granules. I find it more convenient to procure, store and apply.Some formulations are available in combination with fluvic acid (and others as noted by a member with amino acids also). But I am sticking for the present to humic acid alone.

The cost is approximately Rs 350/kg, and if you are using it an orchard, the dosage is 5gms/tree. At this rate, it works out a little cheaper than the liquid formulation of Neyveli. I intend to make a solution of 5gs/litre of water and drench the root zone and then apply the organic fertilizer immediately.

The way I understand it, the humic acid modifies the soil structure and enables the increased absorption of nutrients helpful in strengthening roots. The beneficial signs I observed last year in a sample application is that it may increase resistance to root diseases. This year I am planning to do a controlled experiment to ascertain the benefit in vegetative growth and fruit yield.

I have procured the material from Benzer Crop Science in Sirsi Karnataka.  They have a website which you can google as I cannot post an external link here. You can also contact Dr Honnur Basha who is the CEO and very helpful and knowledgable. His phone number is +91 8384 235642


+91 98480 20313

Can I use this for drumstick?

Dear Sri Rajan

In principle, it should work for any crop that will benefit from the uptake of nutrients. But I have not used it for Drumstick so far.



Dear Kisan Brothers,

Neyveli Lignite Corporation(NLC), in the course of mining Lignite for power production also harvests
Humic Acid from the mine beds & markets it to farmers & other resellers. Humic Acid is essentially a derivative
of bio degraded vegetation of many 100 years.
In Nov 2010, I had procured 1000 litres for Rs. 16,000/. I had fixed up with the concerned dept of NLC
& sent my representative with five 200 litre drums & a DD for Rs.16000/- This is while I was involved in
Farming in Villupuram, near to Neyveli. Subsequently, I heard that they have now appointed some dealer
for this & one has to buy from this dealer who quotes a high price. I also heard that these dealers have
been selling diluted Humic Acid.

Please visit these websites/pages for more information.

Hope the above was helpful.

KS Raj.

Dear Sri Venu,

Upto my knowledge M/s Karapur Industries, Goa, are of a standatrd company and selling their Humigro, granuels and liquid as Organic produce. Though it is more costly, I found that it is working well.Most of my friends also given a feed back that their product is good.

One Sri Ranganath Sampath, of Pragathi Krushi, a progressive farmer also, is supplying Organic Humic acid, in 50 ltr containers, and I opine that it is also working well and cost is also less when compare with Karapur Industries.

Only we have to see that Humic acid will diluted by some traders.

Generally un diluted humic acid will have 8 to 10%. Up to my knowledge Neyveli Lignite is now not manufacturing and marketing Humic acid.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,  farmer

First its not Humid but Humic Acid

You can get Free Humic acid from kitchen waste and biodegradable garbage… get them buried under ground around your plants… and since they take time to decompose… you get a gap before repeating that area.

Miracle will happened as promised… :slight_smile: its same as biogas slurry…

It will also reduce garbage around your place…

But dont we all LOVE to pay money… and buy from companies… to make them rich?..