Humic Acid - where to procure and dosage

Hi All,

Off late I have been hearing a lot about humic acid as a growth promoter. Has anyone in the forum used it? I would also like to know the availability in Mysore/Bangalore and what is the dosage.


i use humic for keeping the white roots alive and active.
never knew its a growth promoter. if better roots = better growth, then its a different issue.

have no clue about the crop you are looking at, but i use about 1 kg humic/month/acre for capsicums.

Thanks Viks.

I bought a can of 5 ltrs this morning (Rs. 1750). The shopkeeper told me to mix 2 ltrs with 200 ltrs of water and drench.
This is for banana.


This has been discussed before, however here is the link where farmer only used Humic acid for watermelon … 171500.htm