How to use dried up well

Dear All,

I have a open well in my farm, which was dug around 40 years back. According to my father when the well was dug around 100 feet, water came.

The labour who were digging the well were unable to dig further because the water got accumulated. Hence they left the well as it is. now the water has dried because I understand that the water table has gone down.

I have recently started taking interest in agriculture. Now I want to use that well. Can any one give me suggestion how to go ahead with the well.

  1. Shall I hire labour to dig from there till we get water (I am not sure if there are any labour who are still doing this work)

  2. is there any machinery to do such work

  3. Get the lateral bore on the four sides (if yes, how far can I do with such process)

  4. Close the well and drill a new bore near to it.

Thanks for your valuable suggestion.


Venu Kulkarni

Dear Venu,

40 years is a very long time to consider the availability of water still. I have personally seen wells dried in a couple of years. :frowning:

Going deeper down a already 100 foot dried openwell irrespective of the chances to strike water is nearly not worth the effort you would put in. Instead you can drill a new borewell and use the existing well to collect water and store it.

My suggestion would be to dig percolation pits at strategic points to gravity harvest rain water to recharge the dried up aquifiers.


Thank you Saravana Kumar.

We have two dried up wells in our farm, they are 25 and 40+ years old.

While i do not have the intention of re-using them as a source of water (since we have other borewells), these are some things I could do

  1. Use the dried up well as a water tank (sourced from borewell) and rear fish etc. But I need to cement up the bottom as well as the sides to avoid percolation loss. This might cost upto 1 Lakh per well
  2. Both wells costed hell lot of money to build, they are covered with well cut stones which go upto 30-40 feet deep. I can remove the stones and reuse them for buildign something else (and land-fill the well). Again need to spend on labor for removing/transporting stones etc.

During the Rainy Season yo connect the Rain Water to Borewell . Then it will  Recharge well  during Rainy Season. Make sure that Mud/Organic Matter should not go to the Borewell. By making a deep Pond around the Borewell provide the Way of Freash water to enter into Borewell.

The best option for any dried up Well or Bore Well is to go deep which is a much cheaper option. That being said if you want to recharge a bore well you need a very good rain water harvesting pit around and make sure al the water gets collected into the pit and this is a difficult task in an open field. The best option would be dig a Pond around 100 Feet away from the Bore and this may recharge the bore over a good raily season but not 100%.

The other option to use a dried up well is convert that into a underground tank by cementing the bottom and sidesas one member suggested but make sure to use the water one a while before the water get contaminated.

Please go through this link you may get an idea to use your dried up well . … -problems/