How to sell Eucalyptus of 80 Acres

We have 80 acres of Eucalyptus plants near Malakonda, Prakasam Dist, Andhra Pradesh.

We want to cut the trees and sell them. What is the best price ? Govt supportive price is 4600 per tonne. but middle men offering only 2300 per tonne.

What we should do ? We feel we are being cheated and taken ride by Middle men.

Please help us and let us know your opinions.

Thank you.


Dear Sri Suresh,

As you have considerably large extent, try to contact the big end users and sell your wood logs. Paper industries like ITC ,Bhadrachalam, JK papers, etc. They can offer you good price.

with best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer

Hi G.P Rao,

Thank you very much for your reply.

Most paper mills located around Rajamundry, I am not sure they are interested to buy from Prakasam Dist ( Distance is 380 KM ).

How to approach to these industries is big question for us.


Dear Sri Suresh sir,

You are in Hyderabad. Most of the paper Mills offices are in Hyderabad, I beleive.
You approach them. You offer them your product. Price,Terms & conditions will be informed by them and basing on it , you can take a decision.

There are so many other indentors are also there, pl contact them, meet them, and as the quantity is huge with you, expenses may not matters you.

with best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer

I am also on the same boat. I also have 50Acres of Eucalyptus.

Suresh, Did you sell the Eucalyptus? If so please share the information on how did you do it?

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Hi Venkat,

We did not sell , we need to check with buyers/ paper mills for better price.


hi suresh

how much tonnes yield per acre that I can guide if possible.

thank you
vamshi reddy

Hi Vamshi,

We are guessing 30 tonnes per acre. Thanks for your reply.

Thanks ,

Thank you Mr. Suresh and Mr. Venkat , Kindly inform us the full details of the Plantation Eucalyptus i.e. Age of the Plantation/Total Acreage at a Place/Average Girth of the Plant/Rainfed of Irrigation etc. may Kindly be Furnished , we will Process for Marketing your Eucalyptus plants/

for Vasudha Green Farms,,
9133498366 / 7416446789 .

Hi suresh garu we also have 100 acres of eucalyptus plantation to sell
Did u sell if u did can you help out

Hi Arjun,

still you are interested please call me on 9110386203.

Eucalyptus tree selling is easy these days. Buyers will directly contact you. You just need to provide details in this app:
Tree harvesting and transportation support is also provided.

Invest in cutting it, making logs and storing in a proper place.
Seperate them by size of length and girth.
Then get end users to quote.

I can take eucalyptus 5-6 yr tree if anybody please share your number
And my number is 8939291924

Dear sir.
This is Vivek Kumar Singh
From Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh.
I need This tree i will give 3500 per ton but minimum diameter 16"

Still you need it ?? I am from nearby only . Near dhnaghata . If you need please let me know .

I’m Kiran Kumar
9493970810 plz contact me

Hi Suresh Garu,
We have 25 acres of eucalyptus plantation to sell, plant age is 3.5 years.
Can you help out to sell…?

Hi kindly contact my no.9292858947, I need qty

Every state government forest departnment is selling Eucalyptus logs through tender at lesser price than open market target price , so no open market query or demand . Only end use is firewood ,and wood fired bakery industry .
Eucalyptus wood easily makes a good strong commercial charcoal, which has twice the calorific value of air-dry wood, 28,000 kilo joules per Kg compared to about 16,000 kilo joules for air-dried
Eucalyptus wood at 20% moisture content. It is a good source of high reactive carbon with carbon content of 99.45% and is very useful for metallurgy and numerous chemical processes.
Eucalyptus charcoal is preferable in Tandoor / Barbaque kitchens owners over other hard wood category .70% of medium sized pieces of 2 to 3 inches, 30% 1 1/3 to 2 inches.fatches good price approx Rs 20-25 / KG , Export market deand is much higher with high price .
Initially carbonization of eucalyptus wood started in Brazil , now followed by UP orgin eucalyptus farmers .
Carbonization process is done by Electric furnace closed chember with two phase burning process .