How to save 10 year old Mango trees (no flowering/ crop) & also start inter cropping in same place

Hi Friends,

I bought an acre land with mango trees (10yrs old apprxly). They are not even flowing last year and this year. Initially thought of taking them off and start farm a fresh.

But my heart is not happy to chop these old trees. Can any one suggest good idea to retain these old trees and also start multi layer farming a fresh??

Your inputs are really appreciated.

Vinay / +91 9553687776

Hi Vinay,

  1. Are the mango grown as rain-fed or irrigated?
  2. Have they produced before you bought them?
  3. Have you given any inputs like fertilizer after you bought them on a frequent basis?
  4. Is watering done on a required basis?

You can start multi layer farming after you have properly established the existing mango.

You can contact nearby Government Agriculture/horticulture institution for the better advise