How to prevent land erosion

Hi, I have 5 acres of land and plantation(Nanari) done in last Nov. Land is bit sloppy and expecting severe land erosion in coming monsoon.Could any body suggest best ways to prevent erosion. Thanks in advance

There are many things you can do. Some of them are given below:-

  1. Take contour bunds against the slope. Keep the digged up soil on the slope side bund. Even if the soil erosion happens, it will get filled in the bund only. This minimizes the soil erosion. You can dig up the soil in the bund apply them to your land.
  2. Have bunds every 25 feet or less depending on the severity of the slope. It is always advisable to have contour bunds.
  3. Have a pond at the lowest point of your land and save the water for future use.
  4. Ensure that big trenches are connected to the bunds and the water is taken to the pond by these routes after good obstruction placed.
  5. Ensure the entire soil is covered with dense live mulching. These type of live mulch binds the soil with the roots and the soil erosion is minimized to a great extent.
  6. Does Nanari grow under shade? If yes, then grow fruit trees on the bunds of the soil (Refer Point No.1). If not, have strong binding grasses on the bunds.

Try these things before the monsoon and see the difference.


Thank you very much Padmanabhan for your useful info…i will let you know the progress

Hi Svaddi

Depending on land layout, could do some hugelkultur installations


  1. Dig big trench at a point where you want to capture or divert rain run off, say 1.5 m deep and 2-3 m wide (as long as you like:)

  2. Layer the bottom of the trench with large tree trunks

  3. Add smaller branches and other organic materials until you have a mound that sits above ground surface about 1/2-1 m

  4. Infill with soil and mulch materials (anything you can be

  5. Cover mound with soil

The hugelkultur trenches and mounds will absorb a lot of run off and store the water for a long time (even during dry periods, do you can always grow vegetables etc on the mounds themselves)

They will also minimise the topsoil loss as the run off will be slowed

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Hi svaddi,

One of the best grasses that control erosion is the Vetiver grass. But this will take a year to grow and cover the areas. Meanwhile you can undertake temporary measures as advised by the others.

You can plant Vetiver along the edges of your farm in two to three rows, with the second row planting done in between the first row plants and so forth. You can plant it wherever you get space.

It takes up very less space and effectively prevents soil run off besides conserving moisture in the soil/farm.


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Thank You Sir !

  1. you have to attange bunds taking at various levels…
    2, You have to arrange a trench at dwaward level in making FREE WATER flow without ersing the Soil as well as Bunds you have to make at varous levels.
    3Further You need to make either Dams with Brick /Concret /Cement pipes to avoid further Deepning of the Trench at various levels ro avoid Erosion/ Deepning of the Trench.