How to prepare "Broiler Feed" by ourselves?

Hi I am RAJEEV CHAVAN from Belgaum , Karnataka state.

We have 3.7 acres of land and 2 broiler chicken sheds.
1st shed capacity is 2000 birds
2nd shed capacity is 6000 birds

We completed 2 batch: 1st batch Komarla birds, 2nd batch Vencob.
First batch loss of around 40000.- Rs, 2nd batch profit around 35000/- Rs.
We spent more on FEED.

Now we wants to start our own FEED. I request all the experience people kindly provide information on the EXACT composition of adding all the ingredients required and also additional compounds/concentrations etc. So that all the farmers can make use of the same.

I also request you to provide your phone numbers/E-mail Ids so that I can communicate with you all.

3rd batch we have not yet started, for 3rd batch we would like to prepare our own feed.

Your co-operation in this regard is highly appreciated.


you can with this basic formula

[li]Green plants[/li]
[li]Animal foods[/li][/ol]

[glow=red,2,300]Green Plants[/glow] can be an Azolla.

It is easy to grow with minimum efforts and it’s also in an organic way.


some seeds are used to provide energy and others for can search for different seeds and their mineral content according to your budget.

here are some i’m listing.

Corn,Wheat,Barely are used for providing energy.

Some protein contain seeds are

Sunflower seed

[glow=red,2,300]Animal foods[/glow] includes Dry fish,Earthworms(any worms),Meat bone meal ETC…

You can buy a seed grinder and mix in this ratio 

Corn,wheat or barley + protein seeds + animal feed(Dry fish,bone meat meal)+ limestone+salt

Occasionally, you can give azolla so that you can reduce your  feed cost.


[glow=red,2,300]Other one
. 4 parts yellow corn, broken rice (binlid) or sorghum. Boiled gabi, fresh ubi, camote or cassava (bitter type should be boiled) can also be substituted.

· 1.5 parts rice bran (darak). Dried azolla or filter cake (from sugar mills) can replace rice bran.

· 1 part dried fish meal or 2 parts fresh fish/golden snail

· 1.5 parts cope/oil meal

· 0.5 part ground sitao/mongo (mung)/patani (lima bean)/soybean/kadios (pigeon pea) seeds

· 0.5 part dried ipil-ipil leaves

· 1 tbsp salt

· 1 handful powdered oyster shell/agricultural lime[/li][/list]