How to prepare Bokashi?

Hi to all,
How to prepare our own Bokashi in our farm?
How it is useful to horticulture farm?

Dear Venugopal,
Vanakkam. The following informatioin may be useful.
Rice Bran 1 part
Rice Husk 1 part
Chicken manure 1 part

EM 1
Molasses 1
Water 100

Prepare the EM activated first and keep it ready
Mix Rice bran + husk + chicken manure well and add the EM activated by sprinkling, make into a heap and cover it with a wet gunny bag. May be a week time should be enough for complete development of micro organisms.

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thank you dear Thangapandian,
how to apply and when to apply this for land and plant ? and time interval for application ?
thanks in advance