How to overcome shortage of labour in AP

We have land of 20 acres with plenty of water supply (Godavari River). We are mainly producing/ cultivating Rice, Turmeric, Cotton, Corn, Sunflower etc.

From last couple of years we have been (most of the formers are facing similar kind of problem) facing shortage of labour due to Andhra Pradesh government free schemes (ex:  Paniki aahara padakam, government contracts  etc.)

So, could you please suggest me how to overcome this problem?

  1. Is there any crops which doesn’t required much manual work?
  2. Is there any chance that we can get workers from other states to overcome this problem, if yes then how much it will cost per person for year? (Including all) and how much you can reliable on them - I am happy to provide accommodation free of cost.
  3. Is there are any machineries (with minimum cost) to overcome this problem?

Your suggestion will be appreciated

The situation is getting worse with time.
Managing big farms/orchards will become very difficult in future.
At some point of time we may have to go in for mechanised farming.
Rafiq Yusuf

how about inviting people from other professions to spend time on weekends and work in your farm?

Long Term Option would be to go for using machines/tools etc

As a short term option, you can see whether there are people in AP who is part of / have same intention like … culturist/

These people do help farmers without taking any money.