How to manage low cost Feed ingredients, compound feed for Animals

Dear Members,

There are several type of feed ingredients are available in the market in the form ingredient as well as compound mix. I think for any livestock business in commercial aspect need to focus on how to reduce the cost of feed procurement. At present compound feed market is controlled by big companies and farmers does not have direct approach and mostly depend on what traders or milk cooperative societies offer.

Can we share how a formulation can be derived for own diary/goat consumption and how to make domestically?

Recently seen that Corn Gluten Feed (busa) which has low protein can be used as substitute  too rice bran. Like that there are several parts of any grain or pulses available in manufacturing facilities with various protein and parameters. Corn Gem has 45% oil and I feel can be used as fattening feed for meet purpose animal.

Request members sharing and comparison how we can achieve low cost Feed production at our own.

Corn Gluten Feed (Busa) has following parametrs

Profat 11%
Ash 2% max
Moisture 10%

rajan mathew

As said we can produce Azolla as a low cost feed for Cows and Goats, In fact also for Chickens.

I Kg will work out to cost only Less than a Rupee.

Any feed backl Please

Azolla cannot be fed more than 1Kg/cow. Thus Azolla cannot replace concentrate mixture. :frowning:

But it has costwise benifit, production cost is 1-2 rs and milk yeild will increase by 10% i.e 1-1.5L. :smiley:

any more advises please on to make home made formulations please.