How to make soil healthy and keep it healthy for plants to grow healthy

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Let me introduce to you first. I am a farmer for past 1.5 years. Before that I was in some different profession. I am growing vegetables with very little success. In this course of time I came to know that keeping soil healthy is the foremost importance of agriculture.

There are different name attached to different practices and I assume all are good. But my effort here is to go to the basics of all - what are those ACTIVITY we need to perform and what BENEFIT it gives to the soil and plant - be it preventive or protective.

I request all experts in their chosen field to share your valuable knowledge and experience in this regard or probably what you are practicing in your farm.

Please keep this thread so enrich that it becomes a guideline for everyone.

I am very frequent reader of this forum. So I request Sri, Chandra, Viks, AK, rcdixit, gprao and others whom i missed :slight_smile: to initiate this and put your valuable comments time to time.


Organic matter is the most important thing for soil improvement.  This happens over a period of time.

Before you start, there is a method called Navdhanya sowing which will improve the soil and this can be continued if and when required.  Also, adding compost and not exposing soil to direct sunlight will improve the micro organisms which will help improve the soil.

I have captured a few items in my blog related to this topic but there may be more as well related to this.

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I had gone through your blog and found the link (agricultureforeverybody.blogspot … -soil.html) which explains the process to follow to improve the soil.

Sir, I understood the soil from pond part but I need to know little more on the seed part - why those specific seeds will work and why not after flowering we till the plot again.

Also one more doubt on the soil exposure to sun. By normal practice or as advised by different agricultural websites, people do plowing to keep the soil exposed to the summer sun to get rid of weeds and some disease. Can you please explain a little on this.


The 5 different types of seeds will improve or enable the different types of nutrients to be made available for the next coming crop.  If you go with only one type of seed, it will improve or enable only one set of nutrient to be made available.

If your idea is to improve the soil but not interested in the immediate requirement of the nutrient availability for the next crop, you can leave the seeds for a longer duration as well.  Generally, just before the flowering stage, the crop is ploughed into the soil to ensure that the flowers do not mature and the seeds are not produced as we are not interested in the crop but only the outcome (namely improved soil and more nutrients for the next crop).

The summer ploughing is done to expose the underlying bugs to sun so that they are killed as well to enable the soil to absorb the water during the rainy season.  This is done only for field crops and generally not advised for plants.

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Regarding FYM… what are the process available to enrich it…

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If you wan to enrich your Farm Yard Manure You have to Mix Tricoderamaviridi,Psudomonas to the Farm Yard Manure which will enrich the FMY .Pl contact us to send the Full details for the Procedure.
Vasudha Green Farms,,

What is the difference between FYM, Compost & Vermicompost?
1.The FYM is usually a heap of cow dung along with other farm wastages kept in a shaded place.
2.Compost is cow dung along with wastages but there is a difference because we keep them in layers so that the composting process is fastened and we get good quality manure from it possibility in a short time.  Compost is better than FYM.
3.Vermicompost is similar to compost except for the introduction of earthworms which will provide casts but the quality of vermicompost is better compared to compost and you can also get vermiwash as well from this.

Each has its own requirement in the farm and hence plan accordingly.

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Pls share the details here so that lot of people may get benefited from this…



Here is a summary of the soil management methods:

Dear all
I would like to share my experience to increase soil  health by adding organic matter in a low cost method  every year.
Sow sorghum / bajara in my farm as intercrop to fruit research farm.
Once start flowering choap and  add to soil before  the onset of rainy season.then plough well so that the stump and waste mix in soil.
It will increase the activity of beneficial microbes.
Make soil porus and increase population of earth worms.
Second mycorrhizal association of sorghum / bajra
Helps the plants to increase drought tolerance & nutrient availability etc…
If we grow above crops properly
We can enrich with 5 -  10 tonnes green
Manure within 75-80 days.
No need to spent money from costly organic inputs.
Some of photos attached with the post
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Please kindly forward the details about Navdhanya sowing and the procedure.