How to keep MONKEYS away from your farm?

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Monkeys creating lot of problems to cardamom farmers. Damaging total plants.

We tried many techniques , last one with dry fish is giving excellent result.

we made sealed small packets with boneless dry fish pieces kept around the field. After opening

the packets monkeys rub the fish with both hands. After smelling , and get irritated and start

rubbing on rocks, leave the operation till blood come out. Leader of the gang face the bad

experience and never enter the same field with his team. Plse practice and if you have any new

ideas disclose to others.

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rub the fish

The idea should be to just scare them away and not harm them intentionally or unintentionally. Gosh !! they must hate fish to rub themselves till they bleed.

Monkey are known to be scared of langurs and wont come anywhere close if langurs are present. If you can get a trained langur, it will be enough to take care of your entire farm. Trained langurs are available around delhi area. I think the delhi electricity/municipal board has a few of them to shoo away monkeys.

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Thank you for your kind information, plse mention the contact details

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Hi Guys,
looking for ways and means of repelling monkeys-mango crop and trees ruined badly by these primates.
Shooting to kill them isnt very effective,except the dead one, others come back after a few days.
A crop consultant suggested a chemical availble for spreying on border fence and bordering trees to keep them away.
Any idea how to go about it?

Rafiq Yusuf

@FARMNEST…Friends., as u all know they are very curious creatures…we cannot fool them for long…but ill try to give some of time tested
methods…tried by some our FARMER friends…

1…hang some colourful rubber snakes in polythene bags…it helps for sometime till a intelligent MONKEY finds out the truth…

2…play predator animal…sounds…like LION …TIGER ETC.,to fear them away…

4…PLAY FM radio in the field…or some nasty music…which irritates them…
5…try play some converstions…like that happens in MARKET PLACE…

LOKE THIS THE LIST GOES ON… but remeber…innovation is the way of life here…


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Would it be possible to have a couple pair of dogs… as they would keep both primates as well as homo sapiens in check during fruit season… ;D to prevent pilferage.

The dogs would only help if the money enter the farm via the ground and not if they swing from tree to tree across fence as well.

Dogs will bark and notify you / farm hand of intruders so appropriate action can be taken.

Low cost technique is bursting fire works like atom Bombs ( Diwali fire crackers) or blanks if you have a shotgun ( 12 bore).

What breed of money 's are there, as Langur’s are very intelligent and will flight and kill a dog also if it’s not a good hunting dog breed.


Nice timing in that we had a bunch of them wander around stealing stuff, just a few hours back right in the city. :smiley: … 108459.asp
(The content not available anymore, but here is a summary)

Paint cylinders made of tin/plastic, put some oil so that Monkeys/squirrels slip. Paint them bright yellow. With this even insects will be controlled, have to remove insects once a month and smear oil

Contact 9448380571 – Shivaputhrappa Ethinamani from Hagaribommana halli, Bellary

this will work for tall coconut trees but not for mango trees.
rafiq yusuf

this is very useful for how to control entering animals from your farm…but sorry non telugu guys as the article is in telugu.


Gamyam technologies and Prof. Jayashankar Telangana State Agriculture University Introduces “Agri-Cannon” to protect agricultural crops/farms from monkeys. One of the major problems that farmers of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and other neighbouring states are facing is a monkey menace. Know more:

I want to know easy techniques to remove monkey and reptile from fruit tree please ?