How to grow Mushroom and market to sell the same

Dear all,
Myself Ashwin Prajapati, just joined Presently I am employed with one company and want to have something of my own for earning. Farming has always attracted me and tried to check on Mushroom cultivation many times. Now I feel I must work seriously on the the same hence writing on this forum.  I need insight and guidance from all learned and experienced forum members on how one should go for Mushroom cultivation, what is minimum requirement (finance, land, manpower, any other capital investment etc…) also the market to sell the same.
Trust to receive favourable response.
Ashwin Prajapati

See below video, even though you don’t understand language you can figure out space requirement and process of cultivation etc.
post specific question after looking at the video.


Thanks a lot…, such a wonderful video…, it might help for lot or youngsters…


Apart from the video can anyone explain and suggest which type of Mushroom is popular in Mumbai market and what will be the procedure in detail to grow the same. Also space required, funds required for minimum of 1000 kg/month production.
What will be the selling price of 1kg mushroom (fresh / dry).