How to get returns in 30 days?

Monthly income generation is ultimate goal for working people.
Is it possible to earn monthly income in Agriculture?

  1. Minimum price for k.g. produce should above Rs.200/-
  2. Production for Acre should be around about 200 to 300 per month.
  3. Minimum Labour requirement.
  4. Affordable for mechanization.
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From the little research that i have done there are a few high value crops which could yield results - example Basil - is a high value crop which has a market rate ranging between 150 - 400 and the production can be harvested every month, same for salad crops which can be sold to upmarket stores.

I am sure there are many more crops which people can think about and add.

These are all short term crops and price is not matching to the condition that cost should not below Rs.200/- per k.g.
Can any one come up with highly profitable crop?

Sericulture gives the monthly income and also we get subsidies from government for the setup of Sheds and also for irrigation

Hi All?
Plantation expenditure per Acre is about 25,000/-
Lifetime of crop is 15 to 30 years.
Soil required for plantation any kind of soil without water lagging.
Area suitable to grow-Any where in the universe subject to extreem wheather conditions.
Wheather suitable fro crop 25 to 30 degree celcious with 70 to 90% humidity.
Presently successfully growing crops in Karnataka, Andra, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Telangana, Assam, West Bengal, Kerala etc in India. China, Japan & other countries also growing.
Leaf production time 45 days from first cutting.
Irrigation once in week.
Yield of leaf in year about 35000 to 70000 kgs.
Subsidies from Government-Yes for Nursery, plantation, construction of rearing house, solar ligts, sprayers, chandrike (cocoon construction device) mechanization items etc.
Any free perks? Yes Nutrients, disinfection items etc.
Crop time-25 to 30 days.
Daily human service to crop is about 5-6 hours in 24 hours.
Number of workers required for rearing- day one to 15 one person. 15 to 21 3 persons. 25 th day about six people is required subject to adopting mechanization.
Per Acre Approximate cocoons yield. 250 to 300 kgs.
Price for One KG in last two years Rs.400 to 600/-
Market frequency-Daily.
Sales mode-Eauction.
Payment- Cash payment on same day.
Total Income per month about Rs.100000/-
Total expenditure for crop (30)days about 30000/-
Markets in India Karantaka- Shidlaghatta 50%, Ramanagara-25% market share of sales of cocoons remaining 25% in rest of India.
Expertise required-Love to learn and adopt to requirement.

Additional Advantages.
+Sericulture can be grown as inter crop in other crops like Coconut, Mango etc. subject to non application of pesticides.

  • Can design crop in multistory system.
  • Other Crops also can be grown in Sericulture crop if it is grown in wide space/ Tree plantation method.
  • Mulberry tree can become stake holder for other inter crops like tomato or beans.

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