How to control or kill mosquitoes in dairy farming

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We have a 10 HF cow dairy farm and due to mosquitos the cows are becoming sick, Can anyone suggest what is the best way to control or kill them ?

Can we use shade net or environment friendly fogging machines in Bangalore or Hyderabad.

Bhanu can try having couple of ducks, this works for flies. They scavenge and eat away eggs.

2.You try spraying EM1(what is EM1=, Auroville dairy farm is succefull in controling mosquitoes(

Lemon Grass is a good option u can try them ! … your-ears/

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Do put mosquito net around the shed (as against using a shadenet) if possible.  In my village farmers also make use of neem and honge leaves smoke by putting them into fire/coal and allowing the smoke to pass over area where cows are tied - generally in outdoor.

Hi Nikil,

Can you comment on how to control mosquitoes, I understand you have dairy cows and how you are control the mosquitoes in your dairy farm.

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I am not facing any mosquito problem, however during day time we have fly problem.
To tackle, we are spraying the cow with a chemical called Cypermethrin, which is available in any veterniary drug store. There are other solutions like spraying neem oil, but the best result we have got is with the chemical one, and till date no side effects on the cow.
The effect of the chemical lasts for some 6-7 days. Since we wash our cows weekly, we spray after they are washed.


Bhanu, see my last post for this.

Growing a few plants of Citronella around the farm acts as Mosquito repellent (Natural control)


Citronella oil is an excellent measure to keep mosquitoes under check.The ‘all out’ like refills are available with CIMAP which canbe fitted near all milching cattle.Till the smoke of citronella exists no mosquito will come near by.Also you can get net type system fitted in dairy which will obstruct mosquitoes menace & their movements.