How to control mosquitos in paddy field?

In my paddy field there are a  lot of small mosquitos are there . they are sucking my green paddy stems and making them dry.

Can anyone guide me with a solution for this porblem?


Here is a link to an innovative pest zapper published in a daily recently; … 526505.ece

Concept is light rays attract the mosquitoes or pests bringing it near the bowl and the sticky mix holds them till they die.

I did tweak a street light in my house with a bowl smeared with castor oil & shampoo mix for a day or two. I Would not definitely say that it works.As after long nights; I noticed only a handful of dead ones, so still pondering if the idea was effective or because my light had inbuilt automatic dimmer it didnt have enough brightness to attract pests or its just that there werent enough mosquitoes!

I would recommend you to device & test the same setup if have any light running on grid with a pole that can accommodate a bowl or else go for solar stand alone street lights like the one on the link.

I have already requested few of our customers for a trial in their farms. Would post the results for sure.


You could try the one in the below link; … fographic/

Hope this helps!

A few points.

The insects may not exactly be mosquitoes (though male mosquitoes do feed on plant juices). I would suspect they are some kind of plant hoppers. Pics will help here.

I doubt the solar insect traps or the CO[sub]2[/sub] based traps in the other link will help here.
(1) Not all insects are attracted to light the way some moths and winged termites are. Notably mosquitoes are not attracted to light. (some plant hoppers are attracted as far as I know, though)
(2) Assuming the insects are indeed mosquitoes, they are male if they are on the plants and they will not be attracted to the CO[sub]2[/sub] trap. Only females move in pursuit of blood.

@ Chandra

Just out of curiosity, If mosquitoes are not attracted to light, how do I see the ones that emit blue color light and are covered in front by live mesh used commonly in so many places as trap?

Also, GM has a product, electronic mosquito repellant that when plugged in emitts a hussing sound…a frequency of a sound at a very low decibel. It dont kill mosquitoes but keeps them away.Have you come across any such product used in farming for pest control?


If you are referring to the electric fly killers placed at restaurants etc., I believe they kill house flies alone.
I have seen small versions being sold as mosquito killers but am yet to see a mosquito being killed (I have one at home). :slight_smile:

On the mosquito repellent sound waves, I believe there are even some phone apps available but I have not heard many people vouch that they really work.

Thank you Chandra.

May be the electric killers kill house flies alone.You are correct.

But personally I use GM’s sonar repellent and its better, I can admit.