How to contact Farmers' Cooperative Society

Dear Farmer Brothers,

I hope you someone can help me here…

Pls advise- From where can I get a list o flist of Farmer’s co-operative societies / association / mandli ?

I am a manufacturer of HDPE Tarpaulins in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Mainly traders from South India buy from me and sell it to farmers cooperative in their local area at wholesale rate after adding their profit.

Farmer Quality Tarpaulin comes in two sizes . My quality is almost like the SPICE BOARD quality.
18 feet x 24 feet Black 250 GSM
8 meters x 6 Meters Black colour 250 GSM.

The idea of this post is to get hold contact details of Farmers Societies so I can contact them and sell them at Manufacturers rate (subject to minimum quantity) rather than they currently buying at Wholesale rate from local traders.

This will save money for farmers easily…That is my strong belief…

Please chip in details if you know of any farmers society in India involved in buying tarpaulins…

Please feel free to contact me if you need any more information on 09978846289.

Thank you and Regards,
Darshan Shah