How to become a farmer


I am a Consultant in a Corporate from Mumbai. I don’t have any farmer Certificate with me nor have any farming background or any of my ancestors own farmland. Is it possible for me to become a farmer, if I leave my job here and obtain a farmer certificate.

If it is possible, how do I get a farmer certificate as without it I cannot buy a farmland.

Mehul Ved

You may consider buying Agricultural land in Rajasthan.
There is no such rule there.

Once you get the certificate for this Rajasthan agri land, you can also buy the same in other states.
(Minimum 16 Gunthas of agri land for being eligible)



Thanks for the advice, it seems the rules are fliexible within my area of living :wink:.

I have native place in Ramganj Mandi, Kota, Rajasthan,
Can you please help me with the prices for farm  lands nearby this particular area probably upto 16 Gunthas


woah ! u need a farmer certificate to buy land ?
first of all… what is a farmer certificate ? never heard of that before… and who issues it ?
so wierd they have such systems at your place… you can buy land in nasik, maharashtra, and theres no need for certificate or anything…

Yes indeed, if you already dont have a farmland under your or your parents name, you would need to have a farmer certificate.
Please go through the following link for confirmation, its not easy to buy a Land in Maharashtra or, even many others states: … egally!!!/


Hi Vivek,
    it is not easy to buy agri land in maharashtra . Your parents needs to be farmer  then only you are treated as farmer . There are several other ways to become farmer but pretty difficult . Hope you remember bachhan case few years ago .
To buy agri land in maharashtra you need to prove that you  either own farm land more than half acre or your parents are farmer .

Thanks & regards,

this is really wierd… what kindda rule is that anyways ?
i am quiet sure that there is no such thing in nasik. i’ve seen land dealings, with no such formality or documentation.

this really is a big surprise to me!
have you guys tried taking some lawyers advise?

let me check with some of the people i know.
i’ll say again… really creepy rule this is.
oh n who is the authority who issues this farmer certificate?