How ODC 3 differs from PKM 1 Moringa?

ODC 3 Drumstick pods look evenly fleshy with more girth ,taste , flavour and aroma where as PKM 1 pod carries prominent grooves and constrictions along its length .
PKM 1 drumstick needs more water than ODC 3 variety .When there is water scarcity and prolonged drought ,PKM 1 growth will be drastically reduced and stunted and become susceptible to many insect pest where as ODC 3 is comparatively hardier plant that sustain and tolerate the drought situation and the leaves of which look dark green and bit more leathery than PKM 1 . This is a phenomenal character of ODC 3 Drumstick that makes the plant adoptable to fluctuations in weather and climate and wide range of soil types across many states in India .
Further ODC 3 pods have more self life and keeping quality without losing its freshness and taste .
5 kgs of ODC 3 seeds can produce 1 lit Ben oil where as in case of PKM 1 nearly 9-10 kgs of seeds are required to press 1 lit Ben oil .

Very informative. I would like to buy seeds in bulk quantity kindly let me know where i can find this and msg me on

This guy Mr Chaitanya Gandhi is based in Karmala Tehsil in Solapur district in Maharashtra . He has obtained genetically pure ODC 3 seeds from single authentic source at Oddanchathiran ( ODC) after having waited a full 10 months period and continued to multiply this ODC 3 Moringa seeds in an isolated seed field without contamination from other moringa varieties .So for true to type ODC 3 drumstick seeds you can rely on this gentleman .All the best


Any idea, how can we contact Ben oil extractor.

How does profit ratio works for a farmer!!!

Thanks in advance for your time and suggestion :smile:

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Dear sir
I visited your website .It looks wonderful and I understand your goodself are dealing in variety of products related to agriculture and allied activities

Dear Mr.Ramu,

can you please tell me about MOMAX3 variety.

Good information. I am planning to grow moringa in Mysore, Karnataka. Looking to sell both leaves and the fruit. Would like to know if ODC 3 is good for leaf production?

Dear Mr.Kumar
I don’t have much idea about MOMAX3 . Anyway you can inquire with Mr.Maharshi for more information about this moringa variety .when you enquire just throw few questions as follows
1.whether it is a variety or cross derivative
2.if it is a variety , then its place of origin
3.if it is a cross derivative ,the parentage particulars of male and female plants involved in crossing program and the year of notification by variety release committee .
Since I could not have access to any of these information about MOMAX 3 , I am unable to comment on this .
Thank you Mr .Naresh

Is ODC3 good for leaf production? Any feedback from growers on this?


Yes , this ODC 3 is a best variety of moringa originated and developed in Tamil Nadu many decades ago and now this specific moringa variety has been under cultivation in an isolated condition to maintain its physical as well as genetic purity .
If you let me explain its significance ,kind of this ODC 3 moringa is being grown in the back yard of great Cuban president Mr.Fidel Castro . His medical team visited Tamilanadu during the outbreak of cholera in one of its country’s island ( Haiti island ) and collected moringa leaves and seeds from this ODC region along the foothills of westernghat in Tamil Nadu and fed the people of Cuba .Amazingly this moringa leaves enhanced immunity of people and had miraculous impact on the health of people .Even Cuban president Mr.Fidel Castro used to consume this moringa leaves all through his life . Although moringa has its origin in subhimalayan region and spread everywhere across the tropical and subtropical countries of the world ,still it is this ODC class of moringa that stands consistently in international market for its nutrient value ,taste ,flavour and aroma and pharmaceutical properties . So without second thought , you can grow this ODC 3

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Dear Mr.Ramu,

Thanks for your email and advice.

Dear Mr.Naresh .
It is not advisable to discuss MOMAX 3 in public forum .will tell you in private

Thanks Ramu. Where can I get good quality seeds? I live in Manglaore.

For original good quality ODC 3 seeds you can call Mr.Chaithanya Gandhi in Solapur district ,Maharastra .His contact number is 8275156393

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For moringa pod which plant is best?

For moringa pod pure variety is the best .one of which is ODC line of moringa

The ODC 3 Moringa planted in Karmala Tehsil in Solapur district of Maharastra state has spouted and grown spectacular in size as early as 10 days of sowing when usually moringa seeds take minimum 14-30 days to emerge and produce first two original leaves .
Been planted at 12 feet by 9 feet spacing with 2 plants 2 feet apart in each location one acre covers 823 plants and each tree is expected to yield around 30-35 kgs of pods in the first year and average of 50 kgs in subsequent years .This enhanced yield is achieved with proper pruning , organic nutrient management and plant protection measures .
The speciality of original ODC 3 moringa is its size of the seeds each weighing about 0.30 - 0.4 grams with well developed endosperm that support active early sprouting and fast growth until the development of true root system that takes 21-30 days to establish and go active in the absorption of water and mineral nutrients from soil . The abundance of chlorophyll in the leaves of ODC 3 Moringa enhance the rate of growth and biomass production .

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What is average size of ODC 3 pods

Any one can reply
The ODC 3 moringa seeding process for good cultivation

Hi Dear Sir,
Can you please guide me from where I can buy PKM 1 or 2 seeds . I have half acre land I wand to plant with in this mansoon season, I am searching for seeds from past 6 months .