How is Farming experience with Farm Plots like Ruia Agro Farm

I saw many advertisement about farming Plots, the latest one I saw is Ruia Agro Farm.

How is the general experience of farming on such small plots which are usually below 1 acre?

Ruia Agro Farm seems to be a good farm at least what they say on the video seem good. But how will they implement it is still doubtful.

Is there anybody staying there at the farm? Any success stories? If not Ruia Agro Farm somebody else?

Ruia Agro Farm was started I guess around 2014 now it is 2016 any updated pictures?

What is the Price of the farm? There is no clear picture,why?

Any information on the above questions will be appreciated.

Some of the problems I see are things like HIDDEN CHARGES…

like they are going to provide Road, Water, Electricity. For Water & Electricity they cannot charge over govt charges.

But for Road, Security, Labor, Organic Specialist etc they might charge you… How much? That is not clear.

Ruia Agro Farms say they will transport the vegetables of our farm to our home weekly… how much they will charge for transporting? That is not clear.

Then there is Gir cow of which they say they will use cowdung and leave the milk for us? How will they give us the milk DAILY? What if we dont want to give away cowdung?

Rest of the things are look very good and seem to be well defined and also seem well intended.

the problem is that the maintenance cost should not be more than the profit from sale of the farm produce - fruit, vegetables, milk else what would be the benefit as resale of such a farm plot even after price appreciation after say 10 yrs is not a very attractive or hotly sought property.

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Dear sir,

welcome to our forum.

your observations are correct. Generally all the expenses will be doubled and levied on purchasers only.

with best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer.

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This is a big racket. The annual maintenance charges are VERY high as compared to the produce that they send to us. Plus the management had promised certain things like monetisation of the farm produce which now they are denying. I bought a piece of land only for the purpose of additional income. Moreover there is no one in the management to address customer issues. I am planning to sue these guys. I would appreciate it if someone could help me in this regard.

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such scams are happening in surroundings of bangalore also like hosachiguru, rose valley, tranquil timberlands etc. you cant do much about these as they are politically well connected persons. best thing is to avoid such schemes. buy your own land and do what you want.

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Did u sui the ruia farm company. I also facing the same false commitment.

Hi please call me as I went to look for farm land at Ruia want some feed back my no 9029313877

Hello please call me as I went to look for farm land at Ruia want some feed back my no 9029313877

Hi please call me as I went to look for farm land at Ruia want some feed back my no 9029313877

Hi @BlisteringBarnacles2 We understand your concerns and would like to clarify all your queries for which you can always connect with us at 8828824450 or write to us at or visit .

Answering your questions how the farming will be done on such small land , we follow a multi layer farming strategy in which trees and crops are placed and planned in a way that the receive proper sunlight and required nutrition. We have expert agriculturists and horticulturists who work with us and can guide you for all your further queries.

Attached to the farms are the respective villas of the owners who use it as their second home and you can find the updated pictures on our social media and the website.

Ruia Agro farm state off in 2014 and we had to be patient to get our certification for the organic claim and as they say patience is the key to success.

For more details about prices, location you can contact us on the above mentioned details and you can check the updated pictures on the website.