How do you feel about the new forum?

  • It’s great
  • Just the same
  • Not easy

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Portal changed and not receiving tha Mails and is not USER FRIENDLY

We were addicted to the old version. It will take some time to digest the new one. ‘New’ is always good. Thanks for the support.

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Very true.
I have been mulling over the switch for a long time since there were some nice things on the old forum we were going to miss and there is also this learning curve.

But I can say after a couple of months of working with the new one, it has been growing over me and at the moment, I am quite happy with the flexibility and features that we can actually put to practice for a better community.


Just noticed that I see all my posts or questions in the bottom, I love it.

Yes the change is not easy anywhere, we will sail thru.


New forum is good. But it has its downside as well.

URL’s are broken. Old bookmarks and leads from google search is completely broken :frowning:


Some broken links can’t be helped but I thought the vast majority should be nicely redirected based on rules. Same with Google search.

Can you personal message some links so we can check. Thanks.


Few are redirecting. The in-built search was again google engine.

So what I usually do is go to and search

turmeric cultivation

Now few links are redirecting while most of them fail. This has to be fixed. I guess google is now able to crawl the new urls so things should work fine in a week or two.

Let me know if you need help



Of course this is very trivial.

While the activity stay intact and shows up dates since 2010, the number of views got reset I guess.

So the famous thread polyhouse capsicum has got 1K replies while number of views is now reset and shows just 29 which is odd.

I guess the other things thats missing is the overall rating for a specific thread.

What I really expecting was a mobile friendly version or if possible a mobile app that would help a lot. I know complaining is much easy than doing things. So do let me know if you need help.

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That is true.
The other issue is the hard earned thank you’s. It is not nice that we could not move them over. :frowning:


Hi Chandra,

First of all Congratulations and a big thanks for all the effort to make this place a better place to interact, learn and grow !!!

Change is the ultimate truth and it brings some discomfort in the initial days.
Anyway Thanks and keep us motivated !!!

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