How do y'all feel about Soil/pH meters?

I’ve been thinking about getting one but do you think they’re really useful and worth buying?

Yes soil analysis and PH for water is most important for organic farming and Corp health and yeild. If you enrich the soil you will be notice the health if Corp is healthy.

Pretty useful to check the soil suitability.

I have used them Good indicators But have not used them regularly and acted on the metrics which is my fault


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If you are cultivating high value crops in a polyhouse, it is a good idea to get a pH meter.

However, if you are doing open land cultivation of common crops, it is not recommended to buy those.
In an open farm, you need to do soil testing just once in a season i.e. 2-3 times in an year.
Price for one soil testing from a good lab is around INR 800 where they test around 15 parameters.
So, it is suggested that you go ahead with soil testing from good labs rather than buying a pH meter.

Siddharth Dialani
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Keeping a soil pH metre is a good idea. meters with soil probe are not useful at all it is better to install soil solution suction tube and checked the water available to plants other than the soil itself. You also have to buy pH calibration solutions (Rs.300 *2 solution )for regularly maintaining your pH meter RS.800 . This is minimal buy for taking pH readings accurately and maintaining ur device.
Cost of a soil probe will be additional.

On the other hand my personal preference is not to use pH meter and caliberation solutions unless one is practicing precision farming.
Rather spend money on soil solution extraction tube and use pH test strips.

And stop all repetetive test expenses.
Additional information :
Keep in mind that altering soil pH for clay type soils is not easy. Don’t ever try to attempt altering PH of clay type soils. It is better to alter areation and organic matter parameters during field preparation by adding organic matter as per your crop.