Holes in blackgram leaf

Dear Farmnest Forum Members


We have recently commenced cultivation of Blackgram VBN 4 variety in our farm near Tenkasi in Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu. Today is the 9th day after sowing, and the leaf has started sprouting. We are starting to observe tear holes in the leaf. I am attaching an image of the plant / leaf. This seems to be a pest attack

We would like to cultivate blackgram on an organic cultivation method. Would neem oil and / or diluted buttermilk (8 to 10 days old) be good preventive measures. I understand that the pests are not tolerant to the sour taste and smell of neem oil and buttermilk. I am writing expert opinion from members of this forum in controlling the occurrence of holes in leaf in blackgram on an organic cultivation method

I shall appreciate receiving feedback


P S Krishnan

Try 3% Neem Oil Spray or put wood ash on the leaves.