High Yield Drumstick variety in Gujarat

Hi Everyone,
I am from Gujarat and have a 2.5 acre of land, a black cotton soil.
Is it possible to do drumstick/moringa farming in cotton soil?
If yes any specific variety with good yield?
Is there any variety which fruits whole year ?


Dear Sri Kurbhatt,
You can do Moringa Oleifera farming in Black cotton soils also, but you must provide Beds of 1-1/2 ft height, for very good drainage. Try to provide better drainage also, to see that water stagnation to be avoided.

PKM 1 is one of the proven Successful varieties, from decades and some recent varieties also showing very good results ie, ODC 3 variety Moringa Oleifera (drumsticks), Bhagya Variety from University of Horticulture, Bagalkot of Karnataka. and Rohit variety Moringa from Balasaheb sir of Maharashtra

You can get the fresh seeds of PKM 1 from, TNAU, Periyakulam, Tamil Nadu, IIHR (ICAR), Hesarghatta, Bengaluru and from any other,
Horticulture Institutes and ODC 3 fresh seeds from any Established reliable farmers. Bhagya variety moringa seeds from University of Horticulture, Bagalkot, Karnataka and Rohit variety from Balasaheb sir of Maharashtra.

Up to my knowledge, there is no Moringa variety, which fruits whole year. But if your area is well suited, it may give you crop for 4 to 6 months. Moringa don’t do well at low temperatures and at high humidity.
wishing you the best, g.p.rao, farmer


ODC 3 best variety for your soil.



Sorry for late response.
Thanks @g.p.rao Sir for detailed explanations about variety and soil preparation.
I will possibly go with ODC 3 with initial few plants and things are good then will proceed for further plantation.
I am from South Gujarat so temperature is not problem, the only problem which I can see is water logging(only for few days in monsoon). I will work on drainage system first, which will help me to release clogged water.

Thanks @moringainc for seed details, it will help.

@g.p.rao sir, I have one question.
Is there any difference in plant grown via seed and via stem/branch cutting?
I usually plant by taking off few branches from existing plant and plant it in monsoon.

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Dear Kurbhatt sir,
in general, proven method of planting Moringa oleifera is by seeds.
Not any difference by stem propagation, but generally can be done in small areas.
ODC 3 is one of the good varieties.
You must be very cautious about water logging condition, Moringa Oleifera will not tolerate water logging condition even for a couple of days. Comfortably you can make good drainage to your plants, if your land is an elevated one, in your area.
my suggestion is, better grow organically, as these plants reciprocates well.
all the nest sir
g.p.rao, farmer

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Thank you @g.p.rao sir.