High Density Mango Plantation - need advice and saplings

We are in process of High Density Mango plantation near dharmapuri.
We are urgently looking for need Soft Wodd graft mango sappling around darmapuri.
(Alphonso, Banganapallim, sendura)
I would also like to hear from the experts opinion on High Density Mango (5m X 5 m) - 165 plants per acre.

HI Chandra

The spacing that you are looking at looks like medium density. We have recently planted 700 plants per acre near Hyderabad. You can check out the pics at www.anushafarms.com/blog


Thanks a lot Shiv,
My heartiest wishes for your success, it is a very nice looking farm.

I have chosen to  plant only 165 plants per acre because of maintenance/ finance  restrictions.
Not sure if it is called High Density or Med Density.
Being a part timer I cannot concentrate more on UHD planting now.
I need more inputs / suggestion from people like you.

I thought of making the canopy size/Tipping slightly  larger than that of UHD, is that a viable approach ?
Is there any scientific specification for Med density for canopy / tipping / pruning size.
Please provide you contact no, mine is - 09986024554


Mango nursery owners in the Dharmapuri/ Krishnagiri/ Salem/ Erode  or near by districts please call me on - 9986024554

Hi Mohan

There is not much of an effort required for the mango plants. Normally you would want to start pruning and training them early regardless of what type of density you have.  Just remember that the taller a plant gets, more labor required to pluck. You might want to check out some of the videos from university of Florida for examples of maintainance

I am remote and you can call me at 1-732-476-8261


Closer  spacing for branching type plants involves effective management of canopy with restriction on yield per plant.

Thanks a lot for your Suggestions.
Some had even called me like Mr Girikumar from chennai, thanks for your wishes.
I realize  now that it is very important to log our precious experience so that it becomes useful for the others.
Saverafarms.com (Mr Kaustubh) and www.anushafarms.com are providing tons of information(Not business motivated) on Mango/UHD, we all want you to succeed BIG in your endeavors.Let me know if there are more resources.
Even, I will actively start blogging now to share my experiences - farmnomics.blogspot.com/

Still I am not getting the good ‘V’ Graft/Softwood sapplings near dharmapuri.
Please provide some contacts if you have come across any reliable sellers.


Excellent sharing of information from Mr Shiv of Anusha Farms. Hats off to Shiv.
R Vasudevan

Did you talk to Yendal? I told him to expect a call from you…

Soft wood grafted plants are available with the Directorate of Horticulture, Government of Karnataka, lalbagh, Bangalore-560004. You may contact Additional Director, Farms nad Nurseries, Lalbagh, Bangalore-560004 for details.

Dear Mr. Shiv,

It is not advisable to plant 700 mango graftings in an acre in the particular locaton of Chelmeda whilch is nearby Ramayampet.  If it is DASHERI or AMRAPALI you can go for a maximum of 435 plants with the spacing of 10’ X 10’.  Other varieties such as Banginapalli or Keshar you can go for a maximum of 180 plants with a spacing of 15’ X 16’. 

If you put more than this plants in a acre, sure you have to regret down the line after 5-6 years.

Dont be crazy about UHD plantation. 

One more suggestion, dont go for ALPHONSO in this part of county.  You may get yields but you wil miss natrual aroma and taste.

Raghu Ram
Sampada Farms & Consultants

Hi kaustubh,
Yes, I talked to them, but their prices are on the higher side(Rs 75 / plant) for a order quantity of 1000 nos.

Just added couple of posts about our land development.
Pls Check http://farmnomics.blogspot.com/

Hi i am having a mango orchid near MATHUR krishnagiri dt.  I have also planted mangosaplings as per, high density method.ie 5mtr x 5mtr.  soft wood grafting saplings of  ratnagiri alphonsa or any variety is available in GKVK UAS BANGALORE. Now it costs Rs 50 per plant.it is relaiable source.the growth is also good .now my orchid is 5yr old

Thanks a lot narasimhan, I will enquire at gkvk. Please provide your contact number if possible, we would like to visit your farm.

Thanks Raghu Ram

I had actualy chatted with you on this topic before i did the venture and your thoughts were the same. I decided on the plantation of 700 plants to see how it comes, maybe you are right or maybe I will be right. Life is for trying.


Hi  my phone number is  09035806678, my land line no is 080 25652338