High chloride content in borewell

3 of my bores have high chloride content - injurious to plants.
Can anybody suggest how to go about rectifying this ?



Ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate both are sulfur free dechloriding vitamin c agents. But ascorbic acid will reduce the pH levels and sodium ascorbate is pH neutral.

Searching india mart for suppliers would be best. Also depending on chloride levels required quantity would vary. But typically it’s 2.5 parts to 1.  The dealer would suggest appropriate mix ratio.

Hope this helps.

Why cannot you use mechanical softening plant. Here your TDS also reduced.

There are resin softeners which industries use to remove dissolved salts.  If you want more information please message your contact no. will give all details.

A desalination system should solve your problem…

A similar ssyetems are in operataion.

You may contact me for further details…



for high chloride borewell, you can use our electro magnetic water softner which is the most economical and permanent solution.  it costs very little, no recurring expense and will serve you life time.  the cost is around rs 65,000 for a 4" dia attachment. pls see details attached.