Herbal Plantation - request advice

I am interested in Medical plantation. Can any one assist or advise.  I am based at Maharastra - Konkan.

Medicinal herbs such as Tulasi, Coleus forskohli, kalmeg, ashwaganda, mucuna are having good demand in the market. These are annuals (4-6 months crop). Other crops like shatavari, Gymnema, salacia are perennial crop. Any of these crops can be grown. There is potential market for these items in Chennai, Bangalore, Hydrabad, Mumbai. Neemuch and Delhi

There are few medicinal crop which are consume in lot for food, medicine ,cosmetics etc. If want to go for commercial plantain u have to find some merchant who are dealing in such farm produce n contract with them for by buy back arrangement. i suggest few crops , drum stick,Garmal( one type of root) .
how ever your area is very potential for pomegranate if u have irrigation facility. y dont u think on this? more detail pl contect  nalin7283@rediffmail.com

Thanking you

Dear Madam
Pl let me know the soil type with pH factor and how much land do you hold.In case your land is viable commercially and suitable otherwise you may get appropriate advise from Medicinal Plants Society,Lucknow.

thanks for sharing, I have few firms who have offered buy back for aloe vera and Stevia.  I want to check few more options.

I am waiting for the soil report.  I hold around 4 acres of land out of which I want to use 2.5 acres for such plantation.  It is a red soil found in Konkan.

I am from Radha Krishna Medicinal Nature Park Tal-PEN Dist-Raigad
I am having collection of approx.280 varieties of medicinal herbs along with Nakshtra van
If anybody is interested ,I can assist in supplying the sapplings as well as cultivation techniques

Dear Madam
Read your post,you are advised to go ahead for aloe vera, if it is in good demand, by some firms.However; You should not prefer stevia.Stevia gets many diseases and, also it requires weekly watering.The cost of irrigation thus neutralises the benefit portion of stevia.You should go ahead for demanded products since your land is just 2.5 acres.Any medicinal plants cultivation less than 5 acres is neither beneficial nor viable.[/quote]