Henna plants for bio fencing

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I am looking for Fencing my land of 9 acres with steel mesh and also after that i want to plant the Henna plants along the fence so that i will have extra fence and also some financial advantage from henna. Seniors can you please suggest is this is good idea? How much water will henna require and is it financially profitable when it comes to real life than the paper calculations?

Suggestion are appreciated.


Hi Pawan I J reddy from Banglore I also want to fence my 3 acres land near Banglore so after metal fencing i also like to grow something along the fence for extra profit as I sugested by some people to plant (Hebbevu) i.e. belongs to neem family very profitable after 7 years at the time of harvest and also we can use that leaf as feder for sheep, goat, or catle etc .But as you said Henna is also very good plan but i dnt know details if u got any details pls inform me on my email id:jaga_chaitu@yahoo.co.in or jaga.chaitu@gmail.com or my cel 9741085135.

j reddy

Hi Team Members

As I posted in my reply sugestion of planting Hebbeavu(Neem family) I dnt have Idea from where to get this plants I contact one person he is from Hiriyuru who wl ready to give this plants for 16/rs per one but it is far from my place please sugest me any nursery near Banglore or chikkaballapur or best near gauribidanur for 200 plants sugestions are apriciated

Melia dubia plants are available in almost all nurseriers now a days. you should get it for 5 to 30rs/plant depending on the age of the plants.

It is available in Teja nursery, Nandi hills road,Devanahalli.

Try in forest dept also.

Hi pavanchowdary,

If you are willing to look beyond Steel Mesh & Henna, you can take a look at the other options in my blog.

Tx sri for your reply I also enquired at teja Nursery Melia dubia plants avil with them cost is 30/ plant but he told it is more than 6 ft height is it advisable to plant such big ones.

Usually 45 days old is good. The problem with bigger plants in packet is, the roots will be entangled and twisted. they take more time to go deeper when you shift to pit.

Hi Pavan,

I suggest a combination of MalaiDubia & Henna plant.

Malaidubia grows into a huge tree, it grows pretty fast. you can plant them at a distance of 6ft between each plant on the boundary.

between this six feet you can go for Henna plants. it is a kind of shrubby,thorny bush.

This way you have wind breakers as well as a bio fence which can guard your farm from 2 & 4 legged predators.


Dear Pavan ji,

For your ask on Steel Fencing you may like to explore through various fencing options.
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Hi I am j Reddy from banglore I cultivated siriculture for 2.5 acres with wider spacing in between i want to plant marigold as intercrop I had drip irrigation in the land and very good water source pls anyone can sugest to whom to approach for marigold buyback agriment if anyone givw the information it is very helpful to me

j reddy


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oskreddy, how can i get hold of the henna plants for fencing ? Can you let me know how much each plant costs?

dear Sir
it would have been still better to throw costing,time for plantation,time required for growth upto 4-5 feet.height.

thanks & regards
g c jagwani

I have grown henna plants quite easily from seeds.

Where can we get henna seeds and how much does it cost.

I bought it on ebay. I paid Rs 100 for approx. 100 seeds.

Just keep in mind that henna seeds take 3-4 weeks to germinate, so don’t give up on them.

Where to get the seeds.

i have seen the videos of yours in YouTube. you are doing a fantastic work.
can you please give some more details about, season to grow and Economics. and also who will buy.

I had bought Henna seeds from Suresh Forestry network . You can reach him at 9845300212. He supplies them at reasonable rates.