Henna cultivation in Tamilnadu


We are planning to grow henna plants along the fence of our farm which can be also be a source of income.
Farm is located in denkanikotta, Hosur.

How is the demand for Henna leaves near Hosur?
Are there any traders in and around Hosur who buy the Henna leaves?

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I’m also planning for henna planation… enough water and required land available near Hosur.

I’m also searching for Traders & market available for henna business.


Lawsonia inermis , heena plant thrives well under arid to tropical and warm temperate climatic conditions. It need moderate rainfall of around 40 mm , less moisture , day time temperature of about 30-40 degree C.
Climate plays a dominant role in the production of quality leaf crop and tannin content .
The rainfall distribution is important and Henna requires dry sunny periods along with cool nights for proper growth.
Lawsone, the active ingredient responsible for its dye properties of heena , and agro climatic conditions influence the dye properties .