Help with Capsicum plant deficiencies/pests

Hi All:

I have started growing few capsicum plants under a 200 sq.ft shadenet on my terrace. I noticed some plants foliage seem to be affected with some deficiencies/pests. Could you take a look at the photos and tell me what’s wrong with them?

  • For the first (whiteflies?) pic, I sprayed neem oil and looks like it controlled it.
  • For the pic with black insects and red ants, I sprayed neem oil today and have to check tomorrow to find out how well it went.
  • Don’t know what’s wrong with the pic with leaf bloating and curling (up/down). Noticed it on another plant today.
  • Lastly there is one plant with uneven leaf growth ( C shaped), seems to be nutrient deficient.

The other plants seem to be fine so far.


    first Let me know Is it chemical / Organic Cultivation .
                      If Chemical [ul]
[li]Spray 19:19:19-20gms + Micro Food+ 5gms + Vineger (2ml)/10 Ltrs Of Water spray and Drench to the Plants.  [/li]
[li]For Pest Control [/li][/ul][ol]
      [li] Thiomethoxam(Brand-Actara) 5 gms in 20ltrs Of water Spray.
      [/li][li]After 5 days Spray Butter Milk 50 ml + 19:19:19 (10gms ) in 10 ltrs of Water spray
                Good Luck :slight_smile:

Thank you Sir,

Though if you are following Natural/Organic Farming also you need to Spray Pesticides.

Immediately Spray Monochrotophose + Dimethiate . Monocrotophos will kill the Pests Immediately and Dimethiate will lost longer for Same Time.Because the plants are looking well spray as suggested above. This Procedure be followed ever 15 Days. Further NPK  water solubles along with Micro Nutrients . Spraying of Pesticides and  Fertilizer Spraying be a delay of at least 24 Hours.

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