Help required on Horizontal Directional Drilling - Water wells

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We have couple of old wells which is not being used as there is no sufficient water and the water is very salty not usable for cultivation, I am exploring ideas  to use those wells again, I have read about HDD looks like this is being used for Oil field and looks expensive, is there any better and least expensive mechanism to drill 6 to 8 inch bore horizontal direction for about 100 to 200 feet. Or is there any other better mechanism to rejuvenate my old wells.

Appreciate your help and suggestion

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Dear Sri Sakthivel ,

Horizontal direction drilling is mostly used for ,crossing pipe lines across any river, streams , also in under river concrete clipping works,and also for Optical Fibre Cable layings etc, which is very expensive and huge works. Generally they don’t come for your type of works and even come also, may not be affordable, for agriculture/Horticulture purposes.

Mostly I observed in coastal dists of Ap,some in Telangana and also in Karnataka, that in some  wells  of depth 20 to 60 ft even, they dig bore wells, and on getting water they fix sub mersible pump/motor in the well itself… It was learnt that there will be generally source of water will be available in the wells. ( only beleif ). But up to my knowledge and i have never seen connection of wells with each other.

any way, best wishes for getting a good water source,  g.p.rao,  farmer

Dear Sakthivel,

As GP Rao gaaru mentioned HDD mostly used by Oil companies is more often very very costly and requires experts.

I presume you considered this hoping this will be economical rather than having a new vertical borewell drilled. But unfortunately no its not.

My suggestion would be to;

Use individual motors in each well and collect water to a main tank
From main tank you may irrigate
Have rain water harvested in each well

Good Luck!


Saravana Kumar

I am aware there are some people who manually drill horizontal bores from within wells etc. Largely this is supposed to connect  to any water resources across the horizon.
Not sure of the cost, but I have seen a board of a guy who does this in Siddipet area in Medak district.

I do not know about the HDD machinery.

Yes horizontal drilling for water is done using 3 or 4 inch holes from inside wells to access water sources sideways, these are drilled slightly inclined and done commonly in tamilnadu, You can check with any bore well peoples in your area. They can help you. It is nothing to do with HDD in oil wells, which is complicated and entirely different technology.

Thanks Dev, I will check this out.

Kind Regards