Help: pesticides insecticides and fungicides

heloow fellow brothers help needed
we  have few plants of mango sapota guava coconut
small plants not bearng fruits now
for plant protection advice regarding
pesticide,insectisides and fungisides- good brands and if possible price also

Some tips are here below … alorganic-
farmers/msg10194/#msg10194 … 4/#msg2674

Bio Pesticide and incesticide(all below items are available in IIHR Bangalore, Phalada Agro.bangalore etc)

Paecilomyces Lilacinus=Insecticide, earth pathogen control.
bacillus thuringiensis=Insecticide
metarhizium anisopliae=Insecticide
VAM mycorrhiza= Growth promotor
Trichoderma= Fungicide
pseudomonas fluorescens=Fungicide
Beauveria Bassiana=Insecticide

hi all
i found branded fungicide and insecticide
once we had applied a cheaper “LOCAL product” that just didn’t worked i even raised concentration and sprayed directly over larvae -larvae had good bath and were happy it seems

my brother will spray them today and we will know results within few days i will update you ppl about efficacy of these products

Kavach and Karate - two of my favourites