Help needed to buy tractor

Hi all

Need some help to decide which tractor to buy. Web primarily grow sugarcane and few other things. Soil is red with stones. Its near kolhapur.

Was also wondering if possible to use it to give to others and get extra income.

I find mahindra, john Deere and messy furgusan as options (pls let me know if I should consider others)

Need help to understand

  1. What all are parameters to compare - service, fuel consumption, horse power, etc etc
  2. How to measure right HP for me? 30/40/50/60 what’s right and how to estimate.
  3. What all accessories should I buy

Thanks in advance

If you are having 5-6 Acres go for Mini Tractor If your Land extent is 10 Acres and above go for a Big Tractor of Mahendra Brand, because it is Having GOOD Service network every where.
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Thanks, I have total 40 acres of land out of which I am using 10 acres now. rest is not used which I also plan to go to make usable.
Which HP is good enough?

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Dear Aditya ,
You are currently having 10 acres of cultivated land and remaing 30 acrea barred land , you want to develop that into agriland ,
Before purchasing any tractor decide your tractor operations like Ploughing, Rotavation, Haulage,intercultivation, and crops , soil type ,As you are stating area is In Maharashtra near Kolhapur means you are having one of the Hardest soil , for any Ploughing and cultivation application all or minitractors won’t work ,
You want to run above all application for your own land for agriculture use only then you can go for 40-45 HP tractor ,
If you want to develop the barred land straightly go for 50+hp tractor then you can implements accordingly

Thank you Mr. Avidity Verma,

Because you are having 40 Acres of Land go for Mahendra Arjun -575 which is having proven Performance for all Types of Agricultural Operations. If you want to go for Earth work like Dow-zing (Leveling) , excavation ( Like Earth work JCB ) go for heavy duty Tractor of FOUR wheel Drive. Why I am suggesting Mahendra Brand is this company is that it is having wide area of service network, Proven performance , cheap maintenance DI Engines etc.We are suggesting all our clients this company Tractors and are very happy. If you want to cultivate/Develop remaining land of 30 Acres you go for Heavy Duty Tractor, otherwise Mini Tractor is enough for your 10 Acres as has already been suggested .

If you want to Develop remaining land of 30 Acres in an effective manner , we will tell you the way to get into use of your Barren Land into cultivation.

Thank you With Best Wishes,
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