Help needed in reviving my coconut farm


I want to revive my coconut farm having 600 trees which is not been taken care for almost 5 years. I want to do it in organic way. Please help me with step by step procedure with name of the materials.

if any one can take up this job end to end then please call me at 9962514647. I just not need the advice but need to the field work. The location is in Ambur.

Dear Mr.,

First of all let me know why you are going for organic cultivation?  If you can go for drip irrigation

it is very easy to manage nutrients there by reap bumper production. plse post the photographs of

ur coconut trees.

Thank you
Good Luck

Hi Netra
Have you installed irrigation facility of drip or sprinkler as suggested? Make use of TN govts subsidy for irrigation schemes.


Try this method of irrigation and organic feeding.

  1. Irrigation by trench method- Make a trench of 3 feet deep and 1 feet wide in between the trees at equivi distance ( at centre of in between trees) fill the water once in 10 or 12 days. fill the trench with whatever coconut tree waste ( don’t burn it in the field) In this method the trees will yield better than the drip irrigation. It has been experimented in Pollachi ,in Tamilnadu
    and yield improvement noticed in a years time.

2.Use dried chicken manure  or neeam cake  according to your budget. Chicken manure can be spread in coconut farm prior to rainy season or do more watering after the manure is spread in the farm area. Chicken manure buy and to be dried for one are two months and ensure no moisture content prior to applying.