Help needed in buying power tiller

Dear Members,

Please hep me in buying a Power tiller for my  5 acre Farm plot,my uses is for ploughing for paddy crop from August to December and later for vegetables crops,and if needed will use for irrigation or generating power and of-course a trailer for carrying load to godown or else needed.Am based at kollegal,karnataka.

I required to buy it by loan only so please guide.How to buy & where to approach for subsidy by government etc.The RSK people not respond properly and say no stock or come later, we are busy etc…

I have enquired online by email for Greaves power tiller & they said Power tiller price is Rs.1,54,000.00 , Subsidy Rs.64500.
Rs.89,500 Farmer share.

I have seen VST 130 but not so impressive  compared to Greaves with Technical aspects ,am not sure about service of either companies,so guidance needed .

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You need to contact the Government Agricultural Officer for your district and get the paper work processed. Another easier way is to go directly to the Crompton Greaves Office ,& they will coordinate with the Agent who will link you with the required people to sell the tiller.In Bengaluru please contact  AO Shivkumar 9448338835

Thanks for the advice sir ,The officer in my area do not respond properly ,will contact the concerned person.Got a quote from VST too…

Power Tiller – VST SHAKTI 130DI – MRP – 1,54,800/-

Subsidy  64,500/-

As per my knowledge subsidy thing is very tricky
You have to pay fully first,then with relevant documents apply for subsidy,which will be credited to your account (weeks to months or even more)

Past two years subsidies for big equipments like tractor tillers are allocated only for Dalits.  Please ensure if there are funds under your caste quota before availing.

Thanks for the advice sir,will confirm with the RSK in my area.