Help Needed for my WaterMelon Crop


I am having trouble in identifying the issue with my Water Melon Crop.

We started the Crop around Second Week of February 2016 in 1 Acre.

Germination was well and used the recommended Fertilizers and Pesticides. But from the last 2 weeks we see that the plants are not growing properly and leaves are getting curly. Near by farmers say it is because of Virus. Heard that all the other Farmers have stopped cultivation for the last 2 years as they have observed a loss because of the Virus.

Attached are some pictures took this morning.

I purchased the land last year and My Uncle is looking over the Cultivation currently. Now my Uncle says it is better to leave/destroy the crop at this stage instead of investing on the Pesticides more.

Prior to the Water Melon, we have cultivated Ground Nut in the same field.

Appreciate for any suggestions to get this field under control.


dear ravi.

please do not destroy the crop as yet.  we have the perfect solution to this curling problem in the form of a homeopathy based nano medicine which you can use in the soil and ur water melons will be perfectly alright and produce enough melons. meanwhile, please stop using chemical fertilizers/insecticides.  please give me two days to let u know what solution we hve to offer.


to: admin.  is it slright to use my phone number? if not i requst you to delete my phone number from this msg.
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Thanks for your post. I will wait for your update.


it seems your plant is ailing from fungal infection.  immediately you have to buy a formula MonogrotoPhos from either your fertilizer seller or from a chemist, mix it @ 1% solution (10ml to a liter of water) and spray it on the crop.  for one acre initially you need 100ml to make your plant healthy.  if you find knots in the roots of your plant (u have to pull out a plant to inspect the roots), then, within ten days we have a restoration formula HF you can aply 2 litres of HF mixed at 1% water and flood it or drip at roots in one acre.  you can order your HF from us after remitting rs 1910 to our bank account. HF will make the plant get new roots and sustain it for its life, clear ur soil of toxic material and make the plant grow healthier and faster. 

there is no need to destroy ur plant, but save your hard work.

i have been given a better solution to your problem by my people.  pls mix 2% mGP plus 20-30 gms Acepate and spray it on both sides of the leaves (to and fro movement) this should effectively clear the disease.  follow this with our formula H8 5 lit per acre @ 1% dilution, to kick start growth.  within two weeks of MGP and H8, your plant will start flowering.  Using HF is not adisable at this stage as your plant has outgrown HF stage.

shall be obliged if u can update me on this.