Help Needed For Borewell Casing Pipe Narrowed & Pressed Inside

Hi Farm Gurus,

I am a farmer & My farm is in Maharashtra 100-110 Kms from Mumbai, I had put a Bore Well in the Monsoon Nallah which is going through my farm which is about 100 Ft lower level than my upper platue (Nallah comes in my farm). I had dug this
borewell after consulting the Engineer who did Electric conductivity test. I couldnt get water in this borewell but he had said that
this was a chance and he asked me to dig the Big Well near bore well because bore couldnot fetch water during digging.

I made 40’ deep Well with 18-19’ Dia and got water sources at bottom (after 40’ came solid hard rocks), however due to Nallah and the slope is going down from the well to further down hill, the level of well always remains 3 to 4 FT only, just in the
monsoon it gets filled up fully but after the rain is over it comes down again to 3-4’ level.

Ok this is not any issue & I can atleast get significant water during summer (say 3000 to 5000 liters a day) to serve my Mangoes.

Now to my surprise I found the water in my bore wells after one monsoon, & It seems that this bore got charged after digging the well near to it, I dont know but its my guess.

I tried to install submersible pump in this bore which showed water level at around 30-35 Feet when small stone was thrown in it. But now my problem is when I started to insert my Submersible Motor Pump into it, after 15-20 Feet it was stuck, when we inserted Torch then I found that casing pipe is pressed from both the side and the opening is just 1-1.5" only so I cannot insert 4" dia Pump. (my Bore is 6.5" Dia Bore with total digging 320 Feet and casing line is 40’).

I would like to ask you how to overcome this problem and start using this borewell water because even 500-1000 Liter water at this Bore will be helpful to my farming specially in summer. I cannot bring any Boring Truck near Borewell due to its already in Nallah and after this Bore, I had made big well so there is no way for any truck to go there now.

Please advise any perfect solution to insert my pump in this borewell so that I can start using this water.

Look forward to help from gurus.

Dharmendra M Jani - Mumbai
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Dear Dharmendra

congratulations for charging the ground water.

Yes the water in the bore well is because of well.

Please contact bore well drilling agencies who will help you to remove the old casing pipe and insert a new one.

Dear Mr.KrishnaPrasad,

Thanks for your comments. Yeah I am glad to find that my Borewell was charged due to well water, however I contacted to many borewell agenies they said that borewell truck should go upto borewell else they cannot replace casing pipe. Is there any other solution for this problem other than using borewell truck. ?

Thanks & Best Regards
Dharmendra Jani


without truck going to bore well it is not possible as no one equipped that machines to small trucks.

Why you have any problem to take truck to borewell?

there are portable borehole drilling machines which are widely used in urban setup
as large trucks cant go inside a residential complex /congested urban infrastructure
please enquire about such machines in borewell offices in nearby cities

They drill only 4". They doesn’t have enough pressure and weight to open a casing pipe as they are mounted on tripod stands once they start getting back force they will loose their ground.