Help Needed: Convert Coconut Farm to ZBNF multilayer model

Hello Everyone,

Thanks in advance to all who will help enable ZBNF in our farm. Though i have not personally attended Subash Palekar’s sessions, i was inspired through a series of 7 days training session videos in youtube.
I am Keshavan from Pollachi, Tamilnadu. I plan to convert an existing coconut farm (24x24) into multi layer model in a phased approach. (Plan attached)
In total we have 8 acres of coconut , aged about 40 + years and around 20-30 gliricidia trees
At present two borewells provides 3 hour water supply/day through drip irrigation(not literally drip but continuous flow of water in small dia pipes)
Due to drought we had to let die 50-60 coconut trees in the last few months which triggered me to find ways to efficiently use the water resources and thus i plan to move to ZBNF

In my phased approach, i plan to take 2 acres out of 8 and first create trenches, initiate mulching process using coconut and gliricidia leaves & Jeevamirdham.
I plan to irrigate only trenches immediate next to existing coconut trees and plant Gliricidia in between(attached plan) as i need to minimize water wastage to survive coconut trees.
I plan to introduce creepers(pumpking and ashgourd) around the irrigated trenches. Gliricidia and Creepers would support live mulching. Seasonally i would also introduce legumes in between Gliricidia. Hoping Coconut and Gliricidia & Legume straw would ensure C:N ratio.
I would be sincerely grateful if the esteemed members/farmers/aspirants would help understand if my approach is correct or not and provide any inputs you all may have.

Since my farm is not compatible with 36x36 i have to find a suitable alternative method to convert into a complete multi layer model. Once i progress well, i plan to introduce Areca Nut at 12’ between coconut trees.
I would need an alternate for Banana and Cocoa/Coffee option, as banana needs more water and coffee/cocoa was never planed in our farm.

Thanks24x24_.pdf (80.1 KB)

Hi? Why to limit for 2 Acres? You have not informed the present status of land and you may have good water source. Utilise available water to the extent for irrigation. Immediately start sowing Horsegram and apply your plan in standing crop of that Horsegram. Horsegram will start producing nitrogen before you getting information and implement what you want. You can immediately plant Venila/Peper at each coconut tree and allow to claimb coconut tree. Put some Photos of farm.

Hi, we too facing the same requirement of converting the coconut farm into a ZBNF.Our requirement is 24x24 and 25x25 basis. If, anyone have the model please share and that will be more helpful for our plan. Thank you.