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Hi All,

I am from Kanchipuram district Tamil Nadu. New to dairy farming, have two cows now for domestic use targeted to increase upto 25 cows within this year, experienced guys please advice on the below,

  1. how much land could require for 25 cow farm including the fodder cultivation
  2. which bread should I go (currently both my cows are HF & Jersey cross)
  3. what type of fodder should I grow

Thanks in advance.

  1. 5 cow requires 1 acre of fodder.
  2. I suggest you to to for Gir, Shiwal, Red Sindhi, Kankrej, Thaparkar.
  3. Lot of fodder crops are there.

Note: I suggest you to grow the fodder crops first and bring in more cows later.

3 to 4 acres is needed. Try cultivating CO3, CO5, Fodder Cholam from TNAU, vadavalli,Coimbatore. To get more yield, HF cows are better but disease problems will be there. To avoid diseases keep your farm clean, store dung little away and restrict visiotrs to your farm. Take preventive vaccinations for Foot and Mouth disease, Haemorrhagic Septicemia, Black Quarter, Theileriosis depending upon the relevant diseases in your area. Deworm the cows first, and after 2 weeks go for vaccinations. Indian breed cows like Gir, Sahiwal, Tharparkar is also good but you may have to get it from Maharashtra, Gujarat or Punjab. Enquire about the availability of these breeds in your area. They can fetch you a higher price than HF milk.

A1 milk is obtained from cows of western origin like Holstein Friesian, Jersey etc. and yields more compared to local breeds. A2 milk , is obtained from cows of Indian breeds like Gir, Sahiwal, Tharparkar with more fat percentage in milk and their resistance to diseases is better compared to HF cows. As soon as the cows reach your farm, feed them well for a week and then go for deworming vaccination. Feeding greens is very important in milk production. Give Calcium and Mineral mixtures as per the requirement. Provide comfortable housing with good ventilation and make sure water is available 24/7, by installing water bowls. Its better to put cow mats for better production.

Better to use milking machines, chaff cutter, cow mats, water bowls, calf feeding bottle, non kick bar, essential antibiotics, vaccines in refrigerated condition in a fridge, not freezer. Medicines for first aid must be given priority.

Plant fodder crops before the arrival of cows and the water used for cleaning the shed and washing the cows must reach the fodder cultivating area. Plan for that too.

A2 milk will fetch more money if you do the right marketing saying its advantages over A1 milk.

Murali Krishnan
Sri Vinayaka Agencies

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Thank you for your response, it helps me.