Healthy Farming - Thoughts and Experiences

Hello  Everybody,

Kindly let me share my thoughts and experiences.

The pricing of a produce is determined by the wholesale buyer or exporter, which is hard reality.

To overcome this, the grassroot level farmer must transform into a daily seller and/or value-add atleast one of his produce to create a market for himself.

For example, a farmer may sell vegetables along with ready to consume plantain pith soup, to realise some decent daily returns.

Another reality is the effect of the presence of passionate farmers on regular farmers.

For example, there is a case of a passionate farmer growing  vegetables with good quality but the nearby organic store refusing to buy the produce or accepting it at throw away prices.This type of procurement affects regular farmers more than passionate farmers.

A passionate farmer is much informed, well connected and able to use computers to search for any particular data. So,
every passionate farmer must strive to become a regular farmer to form a community of available  farmers within a particular location, to share knowledge, value add and/or market their produce together.

The regular farmers who already have low-scale export orders must strive hard on quality because if an import of a produce is banned by a foreign country for quality terms, it affects all the farmers nationwide growing the same produce.

Top quality of produce will bring more consumers and create more export demand.
So the focus must be on quality rather than quantity.

Personally, it took me two months of marketing to realise a single order for organic vegetables. Now, I like to transform myself into a regular farmer.



Dear J Bhaskar,

I completely agree with you. I am a budding farmer and its very motivating to see someone sharing similar point of view regarding passionate and regular farmers.
Young and passionate farmers like us, who is more knowledgable and technology friendly should work towards building a good farmer community where everyone thrives.
I am in process of procuring land and start my farming very soon.

I would like to be in touch with you and it would be nice of you to share your contact details on my mobile 9892057029

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Hello Everybody,

Kindly let me share some words from my opinion title ‘Healthy Farming - Thoughts and Experiences’.

Let’s assume that there is a farmer who has one acre of farm land.He desires to have decent income to support his family.

The main purpose of establishing a community of farmers is to provide him regular updates /  information about market and demand forecast  to diversify and / or value add his portfolio of produce and prevent him losing his land for any bad loans or debts.

In this case, if the farmer does not know what he does not know, the community is always available to make him aware of the right information at the right time.

The community of farmers who have passion to share their skill sets like diverse crop selection, pest control and marketing the produce shall bring hope and a stable income to the farmer.

When a passionate farmer enters such a community to become a regular farmer, there is  a good possibility of new export orders and opening of new markets on account of value addition of produce, enhancement of
the size of the export order to include other farming communities as well so that parameters of both sustained growth and stable income is realised.

In my opinion, this is Healthy Farming.

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Thank you Sir for your reply.

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