Have 10 Acres of Land, Polyhouse planned, Need Marketing Tie Up Consultancy

Hello All,
I am an
I have 10 Acres of Land, Poly House are being in planning phase, I need consulting in chosing the crop for maximum margins and marketing the crop with tie ups.

Any crop will be grown :- Based on two factors.
1> Suitable for environment we have as per land location.
2> Demand of crop(Marketing).

We are more inclined to quality crops or organic food up to 70%.
And we are more interested in Exports with Export Quality Crops.

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If you want agri loans for this purpose, you can contact me.

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Santosh Kumar Tiwary
Agriculture & FI - Vertical head

Mob. No. - 09643188851
Email      - santhoshkumartewari@csb.co.in

Hi Santosh Kumar Tiwary,

Thanks for your help, but presently i am looking forward for Marketing, Tie Up, And Consultancy.

Please let me know if you can provide the same.

You can go for tomatoes, coloured capsicum and off season vegetables in the poly house.The temperature should be controlled for the same.The benefit of poly house cultivation is that there are very few diseases due to non accessibility of infection causing flying insects in side the poly house.The seasonal variations also will not cause any damage.The rains,hailstorm can affect open crops but not poly house grown crops.For these products you have to tie up at local level preferably with all good hotels in the vicinity.All good crops are purchased at a premium.Tomato crops in the poly houses have changed the fortunes of farmers who have grown it as the off season crops.Currently tomatoes as well as capsicum are likely to go cheaper within another 2 months due to lowering of temperatures.In such case you can go for flowers crops,orchid etc crops which will benefit you.

Hi Mr.Kumar!
hows the progress going? what stage are u at ?


Hi Vivek,

Thanks for writing in.
We have raised the capital, We are in the most intial phases, i.e. documentation phase … documents are with goverenment officials for approval of polyhouses.

And I am looking for any consultancy or help regarding crop choice and its sale.

I ll be quite thankful to you if i will be having your expert advice .



You have not specified the location of your land/farm. It will play a major role in what you could grow.

IMO you should be doing the market survey yourself. Then use marketing company’s advise to refine your thoughts. But the process should be driven by you and not marketing company. Unless you are thinking of doing  ‘contract farming’.

Good luck…


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I Know an Agri Bio-tech Laboratory. They are the authentic HIGH YIELDING TISSUE CULTURED TEAK PLANT producers.

Should you be interested I shall mail you a broucher. This particular crop can give you a very high very returns in quite a short span.

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Dear Sir,

Good evening!

We are supplier of tissue culture planting material of commercial floriculture crops, like gerbera, carnation, orchid and chrysanthemum, which are grown under poly houses. We also provide technical back-up regarding cultivation, plant protection, fertigation, post harvest, etc. We are based in Theur, Pune.

Kindly give me your contact number for further communication.

Sincere regards,

Abhijit D. Joshi
Manager-Technical Support
Rise n’ Shine Biotech Pvt. Ltd.
+91 95 5252 1677

Dear Sir,
We are leading Polyhouse manfuratures in India and abroad also. We will guide you for selection of crops as well agronomist support as well.
Kindly revert back to us for further persual.

Thanks with Best regards
Arun Singh - Business Development & Strategy
email:- hansinbioinfra@gmail.com

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