Harvesting or plucking jack fruit

Jack fruit is the biggest fruit (can easily be 10 Kg) and the tree is tall. The fruits do not mature all together. So harvesting jack fruits is problematic. So is transporting the jack fruits to the market.

Traditionally a basket tied to a rope is used for harvesting. The rope is pulled around a horizontal branch above the fruit and the basket is placed below the fruit. All this is done with a person climbing the tree. The person then cuts the stem of the fruit. It falls into the basket. The basket is then lowered by slowly releasing the rope over the branch.The technique has been modified a little.

Here a telescopic fruit plucker is used and the person does not climb the tree. The rope over the branch is replaced by a rope on a pulley. Instead of a basket, a sack with a ring and hook is attached to the rope. The pulley is hung from a branch using the long telescopic fruit plucker boom. The sack is guided to envelop the jackfruit manipulating the rope and the sack. The stem of the fruit is cut from the ground using a sickle attachment to the fruit plucker boom. A serrated (saw tooth) knife would be better than a sickle. The sack with the fruit is slowly lowered to the ground by releasing the other end of rope over the pulley.

The fruit plucker is made by poly-guards at Ernakulam. I have added a semicircular attachment. Plan to add an serrated knife attachment so that the stem can be cut using a to and fro saw motion. With the sickle attachment, we have to pull or tug at the stem to cut it.

A series of 9 photos shows how a jack fruit is harvested  in

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